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Human Impacts on the Ocean and Ocean acidification

The oceans are constantly in a state of rapid decline due to human processes and intervention meaning the impacts we have on the oceans are varied and are starting to affect us and the natural ecosystems that reside there. 492 more words


shells at sunrise

When I’m at the beach early in the morning, I often have the same photography routine – get there before sunrise, set up the tripod and do some experimental long shutter speed shots, then get some nice landscape photos as the sun rises, then put the camera in the waterproof housing and get some wave shots (if it is warm enough!). 83 more words


The Box Fish & Its Chemistry

Whilst drifting through my usual random searches to find something interesting, I stumbled across an article on the box fish. I had never come across such a thing, and after reading the article I don’t think I ever will, but understanding some of it’s attributes led me straight into a chemistry lesson. 646 more words


Sand Cloud - Products for Marine Conservation and Being a Brand Ambassador

While scrolling through Instagram a few days ago, I noticed a page for a brand called Sand Cloud, asking for Instagram Brand Ambassadors. What stood out to me was the main goal of this company; marine conservation. 757 more words