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Photos: Secretary of State John Kerry aboard the USS San Antonio

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Secretary of State John Kerry¬†addressed Sailors and Marines aboard the USS San Antonio at Naval Station Norfolk. Here are photos from Kerry’s visit aboard the¬†USS San Antonio. 9 more words

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A Civilian Addresses the USMC

Today is November 10, 2015. The 240th birthday of the United States Marine Corps. And I have something to get off of my chest.

Once, a long time ago, I disliked the United States Marine Corps. 1,049 more words


Statement to Snow Ninjas

Now, Tryme, in the past we’ve ignored your cute little posts. Mainly because (I’ll put it in simple words as you’re a tool), you’re irrelevant. You started the “flame war” with that little “video games” post. 123 more words



Sorry marines but i have to go, it’s better that i leave and give my rank to someone else, i’ve lost all motivation and not feeling it anymore. 83 more words


Message To SN:

You haven’t won the war lol, you went to 1 battle lmaooo, you also somehow think we were invading frozen yesterday????? How???? If you read more you’d see there’s a event titled “INVASION OF FROZEN” you’re weak SN, built of a friends list and have some wannabe legends for leaders, just shut down already, you clearly can’t use a name to your advantage


Addressing Past Few Days

Recently our script has been patched and we have lost one of very good dedicated owners, along side that many of us have been un able to login into our penguins. 28 more words


The retirement of Jayden

Hello Marines,

I have taken the decision to temporarily retire from CP armies. School has taken most of my time. With my GCSE’s this year, I have to focus and sadly, to do this I have to do extra sessions after school, I have a lot more homework and overall, I’m just too busy with personal things aswell. 50 more words