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Blood on the Risers- New Leader

Hi I was promoted to leader today. Well done me! I hope to lead you for a long time and well. Please welcome the changes made and don’t blame Tot, he is trying his best- not his fault I was his best option (hahaha). 29 more words


Battle v PR, IW and PCP

We got raided by PR and IW, sorry for rushed post, good work marines


One of your newest 2ic's

Hi, Im Bulletprooflove,

My career:started out in RPF in 2012 and then I joined SWAT at the same time.In early 2013 I had to leave because I had my laptop taken away.Other armies i’ve been in were DW,IW,ACP, and WV.I hope to help to make this army rise by recruiting hard-core and by helping Tot in leading events.Love you all.



I'll be there for you- New 2ic

I’m Brig and I am your new 2ic. I am looking forward to working with you all and getting you all top the top of CPAC.


Owner And Mod Applications

1. Xat Name & iD
2. What Do You Bring To The Marines? Why Should You Be Hired?
3. Previous To Current Armies You’re In And At What Rank? 10 more words

Marines Will Become A True Power

We draw ever closer to becoming a true super power. Each day we hire new mods and owners, this deface is nothing but a attack the affects the past, the marines have a bright future, we will bring our foe down, we will rise from the ashes, we will become number 1. 14 more words