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330 Marines will begin rotating through Norway starting in January - Norwegian government

​Goodbye deserts and jungles: 330 Marines will begin rotating through icy Norway starting in January, the Norwegian government announced on Monday.
Norway has approved a U.S. 397 more words


If you want it, go get it.

I did my ACT this morning, and I think I did alright. It was way different than the Compass placement test I took for community college. 123 more words


Baker Company Portrait

Photo Source: Martindale Family Tree, uploaded by user “plaxamate1”

A neat souvenir photo of four Baker Company Marines, probably taken late in 1943, and a good representation of the casualties suffered by 1/24 during the war. 227 more words

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So that we will remember!

The Falklands War (7): Shaping the Battlefield


On the 27th, FA-22C Sea Raptors, accompanied by FA-14E Strike Tomcats, EFA-14G Growlers, EA-6 Prowlers, A-6K Intruders, and FA-18A/B Hornets (bait), conducted a DEAD sweep of the Falklands, identifying and destroying Argentine radar and SAM emplacements (and hitting the radars of Falklands International). 233 more words

Fictional Television can really make you think!

So I have decided to get myself into Chicago Fire as I got into Chicago PD. I had to make sure that I know what I am doing when I see second halves of cross over episodes and I need to tell you this, aside from all the BS drama that can happen in some of these TV shows it really does discuss issues such as death on the job. 9 more words

June 1944 (3)

15-20 June – H-hour for the landing on Saipan was 0840 hours.  A protective reef, some distance offshore made it necessary to use amphibian tractors (amtracs), for the landing.   565 more words