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Day Eight: Blankets

It’s funny how people always refer to snow – especially more than one or two inches – as a blanket of snow upon the ground. Well, it’s certainly what it looks like. 797 more words

40 Days Of Lent

The Begining of a New Journey

Hello everyone,

I am starting this blog to document my journey in becoming a USN Seal. Currently I am a US Marine with seven years active duty service and looking at reenlistment come October 2016. 182 more words


Back to the Basics


Serving as, or being an essential part of, a foundation or basis; basic; underlying: fundamental principles; the fundamental structure.

When it comes to marksmanship this is VERY important. 448 more words


U.K. Paratrooper Honored for Saving U.S. Marine

A British paratrooper was awarded the highest British military honor Thursday for his actions during a firefight in 2013 in Afghanistan.

Lance Corporal Joshua Leakey, 27, is only the third serviceman to receive the Victoria Cross for service in Afghanistan and the fifteenth since World War 2, … 74 more words

First African-American Marine Officer - Frederick C. Branch

As we come to the close of Black History month, it is fitting to recognize a pioneer in the integration of our U.S. military with the story of the first African-American Marine Corps Officer, Frederick C. 830 more words

Basic Training

When He Was All Mine

On Saturday my oldest son will turn 20.  The first-born is always the one that you remember most because every first for them, is the first for YOU as well.  386 more words

Life As A Parent

Secret meeting, shhhhhhh.

Today I met with some Marines at the OSO office. I was pretty nervous going in because I wasn’t sure what kind of information I would be able to receive, but it was actually a really good meeting. 105 more words

My Life