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The Forgotten Mega Man Series: Mega Man Legends!

The mid-1990s saw the release of both the Playstation and Nintendo 64, and with them the introduction of 3D gaming to the home console market. The new hardware presented some unique challenges for publishers and developers, but it also brought some questions about transitioning popular properties that made their legacy in 2D to the new 3D world. 1,668 more words

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Super Mario 64 - or - The art of translating 2D design to 3D without it being a messy pile of poo

Playing through Super Mario 64 it’s easy to forget colossal pressure that must have loomed over its creators. A decade prior, Super Mario Brothers took the festering corpse of an industry and zapped it with enough juice to convince the world that there might be a bit of potential left in this weird electro-zombie of a medium. 661 more words


Tomb Raider-ing (Saturn) at 83.42% speed

I can remember the first time I became aware of the difference in speed between PAL and NTSC games. It was some time after I got my Gamecube when I recognised it. 1,139 more words

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Bowser o inimigo nº1 do Mario tem o péssimo hábito de raptar a princesa para o seu castelo. No final, Mario sempre derrota o cara e salva a moça. 647 more words


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Banjo-Kazooie has a lot going for it; Bold and vibrant colors, a sense of humor, well thought out levels, varied enemies and a non to daunting learning curve. 471 more words

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John's Top 5 Most Overrated Video Games

Before we get started, I love every video game on this list. I just think that they get a little more love than they deserve. I don’t know why I even wrote that little disclaimer. 1,098 more words