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GAMERS! Want to play some Mario 64 in your Browser ?

Developer Roystan Ross has recreated the first level of Super Mario 64,  Bob-Omb Battlefield, in Unity, that means you can play it your browser right now if you click  97 more words

Mario 64

In Preparation of Flying Kites

In preparation of flying kites, we are encompassed by a bubble blown by a brain that desired at some point only minutes ago a sort of mutual progress. 322 more words


Super Mario 64 HD - Release!

At long last!

Play it here!

Or, if you prefer to play the desktop version, head over to the Mario 64 HD page to download the executable, as well as the source code if you’re into that kinda thing. 633 more words


Spyro the Dragon

Picture the scene. I, Spyro the Dragon, had just finished collecting sixty thousand gems, sixty dragons and five eggs and by doing so had earned the right to attack Gnasty Gnorc. 467 more words


Father and Son Stream Mario 64 Again

Father and son playing some Super Mario 64 again! Needless to say, he’s got a bit of the streaming bug again.


Retro-Bytes: Playing Super Mario 64 Star Road

Super Mario 64 Star Road is a fan made sequel to the original N64 hit, and being that I play Super Mario 64 religiously to this day, I had to give this a shot.  It’s challenging, but addicting…