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My Quest to Speedrun Mario 64: Part 2 is Up!

This one is a much briefer excursion into the Mushroom kingdom, but might still be worth a read? Like the last one, I’m considering this project me giving back to Giantbomb.com, so I’m not posting it here. 42 more words

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Why Game Soundtracks Are Important

RANT: So as I’m typing this out, I’m genuinely moved to tears over listening to the soundtrack for Journey. By the way, if you haven’t played… 412 more words


My Quest to Speedrun Mario 64

Sooo, I’m not cross-posting this one here. I feel very much like this particular series of posts are going to be me giving back to the Giantbomb community; something I’ve been on the sidelines of for a very long time and have only recently really dived into. 58 more words

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PSTS Episode 216 - Skyrim Special Edition, Switch Fallout, and 3D Platforming Showdown

Last week heralded the controversial re-release of one of the most popular games of 2011–and Jeff has spent some intimate time with it, ready to give you the deets on the differences. 56 more words

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New Fan-Game Combines DK 64 With Mario 64

A Nintendo fan has recently put Mario 64 and DK 64 together, to make Super DK 64. Mario has new abilities, and explores the lands featured in DK 64. 14 more words

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Grow Home: The Most Old-Style 3D Platformer

I haven’t been playing a lot of Super Mario 3D World recently, but thinking about it and why I was excited enough to make it my first Wii U game purchase brought to my mind the rarity of 3D platformers in this era. 572 more words