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New Fan-Game Combines DK 64 With Mario 64

A Nintendo fan has recently put Mario 64 and DK 64 together, to make Super DK 64. Mario has new abilities, and explores the lands featured in DK 64. 14 more words

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Grow Home: The Most Old-Style 3D Platformer

I haven’t been playing a lot of Super Mario 3D World recently, but thinking about it and why I was excited enough to make it my first Wii U game purchase brought to my mind the rarity of 3D platformers in this era. 572 more words


^-o played super mario 64 ds for the first time

After watching chuggaaconroy’s let’s play full for the 4th time I decided that I would download this game onto my wii U.

^-o I have 30 stars so far and haven’t even battled bowser yet. 8 more words

Super Mario Characters Made Out Of Water

Studio Tamago, located in France, has taken an interesting approach to creating Super Mario characters out of spurts of water. We wish we knew the technique, but the overall result is pretty damn awesome in our opinion.   10 more words

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Firewatch, the Witness and Nintendo: the Aesthetic of Loneliness

Playing video games is thought to be solitary practice; regardless of what’s happening on screen, the gamer is anchored by the physical reality of sitting alone in their basement. 963 more words


Gizmag Sits Down with Paul Bettner

For those of you who haven’t heard, Oculus Rift is coming bundled with two games: Eve Valkyrie (if you pre-ordered) and Lucky’s Tale (no matter when you get it). 194 more words


#Listmas: 10 Songs That Leave You Smiling

Hey everyone, Listmas is back this year! That’s right, the Murfvs.net Christmas tradition is back this year, and it just might be the best one yet! 1,581 more words