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Pensioners and pension funds are being hit hard by negative interest-rates and yields

A feature of these times has been the way that the initial cuts in interest-rates undertaken by central banks were some years later followed by a second wave especially for countries in and neighbouring the Euro area. 1,492 more words

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Notes From Underground: People Get Ready, There's a Train (Chambers Brothers & Curtis Mayfield)

“There ain’t no room for the hopeless sinners,

who’s hurt all mankind just to save his own,

have ┬ápity on those whose chances grow thinner…

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Notes From Underground: Authorities Reveal Their Intentions To Financially Repress the Germans

There were two articles today that exist in direct contradiction to each other in substance, but when taken together reveal how ECB President Draghi and IMF Director Lagarde… 657 more words


May 7, 2016: Forever In Your Debt

The night this was recorded, “The Donald” appeared to wrap-up the Republican nomination. In this week’s show we talked a little about the likely presidential match-up and race for the White House, but we also discussed the reality that no candidate is really going to solve the problems we face as a country. 341 more words


Notes From Underground: A Question of Imbalance

Yesterday, it was the issue of imbalances and the need for currency manipulation as seen through the eyes of a hegemon in decline. Today there was more criticism of German intransigence as Mario Draghi was pushing back against criticisms from Wolfgang Schaeuble that ECB policy was igniting the fire of the radical right. 697 more words


BREXIT: A very special kind of advice from my wealth manager

I’m seriously thinking about firing my financial adviser. He’s also my Special Life Coach, so this is a major step for me: but on balance, I think it’s long overdue. 918 more words

Notes From Underground: Draghi Believes Time Is On His Side (Methinks He Is Playing With Fire)

Listening to the Draghi press conference left me with little satisfaction and I failed to have any sympathy for the devil, although I don’t wish to paint it black. 685 more words