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Notes From Underground: The ECB Is All the Rage

President Mario Draghi takes center stage tomorrow and as usual the press conference will be critical. The ECB official announcement is at 6:45 CDT with the presser 45 minutes later. 628 more words



Deutsche Bank revealed to be up to its neck in Dei Paschi scandals as doubts grow about the DoJ ‘deal’. The Slog ties this news to the urgent need for all of us to learn from it….and act accordingly to protect our rights and liberties from the Corporate State. 1,314 more words

DEUTSCHE BANK: events are accelerating, and no amount of élite balm can stop that development

John Cryan needs to find capital injections, and he needs to do it now

Security in Brussels, Berlin and Frankfurt was tighter than the proverbial fish’s backside tonight as EU leaders readied themselves for some kind of announcement about Deutsche Bank. 456 more words

Notes From Underground: The Importance of Deutsche Bank for the Global Financial System

The reverberations from Merkel’s Boner will be systemic in nature. The more I think about the ridiculousness of Chancellor Merkel’s ill-advised comment about not financially supporting Deutsche Bank, the greater my fear of a cataclysmic credit event. 672 more words


Deutsche Bank's pan-European bail out

As I have been writing about Deutsche Bank since 2012 as an alleged criminal enterprise that had a number of bankers associated with it mysteriously die in… 267 more words


22 Sept 2016 (AFR) - Why central banks are changing tack - Haruhiko Kuroda tries psychology rather than boosting brute monetary force

(22 September 2016, AFR, p26, by Karen Maley)

‘First Draghi. Now Kuroda. Central bankers’ retreat from aggressive monetary stimulus is now clearly under way. Less than fortnight after Mario Draghi, European Central Bank boss, dismayed investors by keeping monetary policy on hold, the Bank of Japan chief Haruhiko Kuroda decided not to plunge any deeper into the realm of monetary experimentation. 54 more words

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A weakening world economy and a strengthening of Trump's appeal to voters

Now that summer is well and truly in the rear view mirror (it’s so hard to return to the world of virtual wealth when there are very real diamonds of light still glittering on northern lakes), our principle theme going into the last quarter of 2016 is the increasing likelihood of a crisis-grade inflection point tipping markets back into recession and retreat. 614 more words