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Has Draghi Saved the Eurozone? 

With Mario Draghi announcing a growing confidence the Euro area’s prospects, the Euro currency didn’t exactly follow suit. Since last week the single currency has fallen from $1.08440 to near $1.06500 at the time of writing. 192 more words

Market View

Will rising bond yields mean ECB QE is To Infinity! And Beyond!?

Yesterday the ECB ( European Central Bank ) President Mario Draghi spoke at the European Parliament and in his speech were some curious and intriguing phrases. 1,458 more words

General Economics

Notes From Underground: Today, It Was Europe (Or, a Preview of Things to Come)

Notes From Underground has been concerned that 2017 would be the year of Europe as the ECB’s  quantitative easing policy and NEGATIVE interest rates would be an issue for many of the elections taking place this year. 781 more words


EU's financial threats to 'euro-quitters' could also threaten UK and Brexit

The EU leaders are now trying to bully member states into staying by demanding that if they leave the Euro, all their debts must be settled in full, immediately. 435 more words


ECB's Inflation Target Hit Early: Time to Move the Goal Posts

The Eurozone Consumer Price Index registered an increase of 1.8% year-over-year in January versus December’s reading of 1.1%. This means the ECB’s inflation target mandate of “close but below 2%” has effectively been satisfied at least a year earlier than intended. 139 more words

Why ECB Dovishness Will Actually Boost the Euro

Mario Draghi is one of the better communicators in modern central banking. Everything he conveyed during the ECB’s 19th of January press conference was intentional. Each time he was presented with questions about whether the ECB should consider winding down its bond buying program faster in light of strengthening economic and inflation data he repeatedly stated, “it wasn’t discussed.” The last thing the native Italian central bank chief wants is a market eager to front run an accelerated QE taper, causing an unstable spike in Eurozone bond yields and in the value of the euro. 359 more words

Goldman Previews This Week's Key Events

As mentioned earlier this morning, it’s a busy week.

We’ve got multiple Fed meetings, a raft of important data (including the NFP print), and of course the now ubiquitous “tweet risk” emanating from the bowels of the White House. 422 more words