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June 30, 2015: Nap Coma

I wake up, look at the clock and freak out. I jump up and rush to get ready to leave, and just as I’m about to walk out the door I stop and think about what I’m doing. 252 more words

The Story Told in the Nintendo eShop Charts

I complained a few days ago about Nintendo charging a dollar for the ability to use your 3DS as a controller for Smash on the Wii U. 182 more words


Gaming Geek’s Log – 2015.06.23

I was able to start my playthrough of the single player campaign for IronFall Invasion so I’ll be talking about that today. As scheduled, there was another… 1,013 more words

Video Games

Gaming Geek’s Log – 2015.06.08

I was able to find a lot of time for video games since my last journal entry. I managed to beat Weapon Shop de Omasse… 1,951 more words

Video Games

What Happened to Wuhu?

The Wii was a quirky little system, and I think for most people it was a vehicle to play Wii Sports. Which is great, as I certainly had dozens of hours of fun with it. 267 more words


Mario Kart Wii/7

The Mario Kart series is one of the weirdest success stories in gaming. Think about it, all of the Mario characters get together and drive go-karts. 378 more words

Al's Weekly Update - March 6th, 2015

Rogue Legacy is incredibly awesome but with my lack of skill is also very disheartening.  So many times I end up just short on gold to up anything.  1,169 more words