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More Friday Fun to Share -- Kansas City Chiefs Style!

No comics to share this week, but this is still plenty of fun to go around. Although there are many different styles of gamers and their tastes vary, respectively, something that I have noticed is that there are a surprising amount of gamers who admittedly are not big on sports. 381 more words


Mario Kart 7 (Unlockables)

You will start to see new characters when you race the 150cc Cups.

  • 1000 coins or more & you will see some very cool new kart customs (wheels & gliders).

Streetpass Season

Now that classes are back in session here where I work, that means that it’s a bonanza of Streetpass contacts on the 3DS. If you’re not familiar with them, these are bits of data exchanged by 3DS units when both are in sleep mode and have their wireless on. 177 more words


You'll Soon Be Able To Start Playing 3DS Games For Less Than $100

Do you own a machine that plays 3DS games yet? You really should look into it, because there are a lot of good 3DS games out there, and now the cost of entry is lower than ever. 168 more words


Nintendo has announced an official price drop coming to its already affordable 2DS handheld system. It currently holds a suggested retail price of $129.99, but come August 30th, the portable system will drop to $99.99 shipped. 408 more words


Nintendo 2Ds price drop!

If you were waiting for the right time to get you a Nintendo 2Ds then this is the time, well not until August 30th. 213 more words

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