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What Happened to Wuhu?

The Wii was a quirky little system, and I think for most people it was a vehicle to play Wii Sports. Which is great, as I certainly had dozens of hours of fun with it. 267 more words


Mario Kart Wii/7

The Mario Kart series is one of the weirdest success stories in gaming. Think about it, all of the Mario characters get together and drive go-karts. 378 more words

Al's Weekly Update - March 6th, 2015

Rogue Legacy is incredibly awesome but with my lack of skill is also very disheartening.  So many times I end up just short on gold to up anything.  1,169 more words


Al's Weekly Update: February 26th, 2015

Victory!  After some practicing of drifting (or was it drafting) and a couple heartbreaking runs at special cup to get it as the last 50cc three star completion, it finally happened.  1,819 more words


Al's Weekly Update - February 19th, 2015

Oh Special Cup, how I dislike you.  I’ve certainly found my nemesis circuit.  No matter what I try it seems I get nailed and pass on either the last two (or both) to the point I can’t get three stars for the 50ccand so far I can’t even get first on the 100cc. 896 more words


Return of Weekly Update - February 11th

Ah yes, the return.  I was going to start doing these in the New Years because as I have mentioned before I prefer to do more update type stuff when the stories are fresher in my head than tell them in a game recap at the end.  1,222 more words


Top 10 Best Nintendo 3DS Games of All Time: The Heavy Power List

The 3DS is often regarded as the world’s greatest handheld console. I’m inclined to agree. I’ve probably put more hours into my limited edition Pikachu 3DS than my Xbox 360 (thanks, addicting Pokémon games), and the library of titles available for the system just keeps getting better. 1,626 more words