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Book Review | The Godfather by Mario Puzo

My copy of The Godfather is old. It belonged to my father, and then my brother, and then I found it somehow somewhere in my house. 581 more words


Latest Review: The Godfather by Mario Puzo

I was expecting something else. People told me, completely straight faced, that Mario Puzo’s The Godfather was a masterpiece. At work, my boss took me aside to tell me – in hushed tones like I was being inducted into the Masons – that it would be the last book I’d ever need to read. 616 more words


Day 44 - Puzo's Masterpiece

Pertama kalinya setelah cukup lama, akhirnya dapet juga hari Minggu yang kalem. Gak ada janji, gak ada rencana, gak ada kewajiban. Belakangan waktu kayak gini jadi barang mewah buat gue, karena biasanya ada aja yang harus dilakuin. 1,259 more words


A somewhat revisionist look at "The Godfather" trilogy

I rewatched the Godfather trilogy in three nights. I think the first is as great as ever. Pacino has as much or more screen time as Brando in the first one, but would not get my vote in a one-on-one contest. 634 more words


284. The Godfather: Part III


I really don’t have a problem with new sequels to old movies, as long as they make a worthwhile addition to the story previously established in the franchise. 590 more words

Motherhood by Lagos Charisma

Iya ni alaboro

Thank your mother

hundred years in a roll

Others aborted

She took the risk

No, she does not deserve a kick

lost her youth… 158 more words


271. The Godfather: Part II


“The Godfather” is a better movie than “The Godfather: Part II.” The only reason we are able to appreciate the second one so much is because the first laid down so much foundation for storytelling, where we already know who these characters are, their internal squabbles and external killings, and a sense of what they’ve sacrificed and forsaken in order to get to where they are. 625 more words