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N64 - The Best of Multiplayer

On its 20th anniversary, the Nintendo 64 still holds a special place for a generation of gamers. With classics including Super Mario 64 and not one but two great Zelda games, the N64 remains a fan favorite. 1,721 more words


Ultra smash? More like poor serve.

Mario Tennis Ultra Smash, Nintendo, 2015

Full disclosure: I’m a huge Mario Tennis fan. I first played Mario Tennis 64 in 2000 when it came out and have been hooked on the series ever since. 807 more words

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LTTP (Attempt): Mario Tennis (And Where Are The Tennis Video Games?)

This should probably go down as more of an attempt at a Late To The Party investigation than an actual one. One of the Nintendo franchises I’d ignored over the years was  618 more words


Mario Tennis Ultra Smash Famitsu Interview Translations (Summary) 1/27

At the request of LiteAgent (of Perfectly Nintendo), I translated an interview for Mario Tennis Ultra Smash (for Wii U). It released in Japan a few days ago, and released in the west back in November. 731 more words


Gaming Review: Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash

Happy New Year, everybody. I’ve decided to kick off 2016 the same way I ended 2015, by reviewing a subpar Mario game. Oops, spoilers. Well, I guess I’ve already ruined the end of the review, so I’ll just come out and say this: I don’t think too highly of this game. 1,512 more words


UTM Discuss: Mario Tennis

2015 marks the 30th anniversary of the release of Super Mario Bros on the Nintendo Entertainment System, a game that cemented video game consoles as a staple in the living room of households across the globe. 882 more words


Mario Tennis Ultra Smash Shows Nintendo's Progress

“Accessibility is often underrated, even under-appreciated. There is a reason the Wii darted into mainstream stardom, blindsiding the insular, closed off corners of the usual game marketplace. 95 more words

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