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Retro Game Friday: Mario Kart 64

This week for Retro Game Friday I’m covering one of my favorite racing games of all time. It’s Mario Kart 64!

Gameplay: The gameplay is simple, and beautifully chaotic with players constantly vying for first place, only to be knocked out by the Spiked Blue Shell and fall into last place. 121 more words


Mario Brothers Race Through Mall

This looks like it would be fun, would you be annoyed if you saw these guys racing through your mall?

All in good fun.


Star Kart! Mario Kart + Star Wars

Yesterday I ran into this article from VentureBeat and was going to share the video but I forgot, so here it is, is a fan made video with Mario Kart and Star Wars, is pretty cool, makes me want to have that game, enjoy!

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Best Wii U Games To Play Right Now!

Bayonetta 2

We kick things off with an exclusive still sowing salt among the Wii U-less. The market for Platinum Games’ particularly polished brand of stylish action may not be huge, but it is fervent, and Nintendo was the only company with the funds and the motivation to serve Bayonetta 2 up to those who demanded it. 2,551 more words


The Star Wars Mario Crossover You Didn't Know You Needed

Who knew that these two ideas would create such a fun little video!  Enjoy a little laugh, a little Star Wars, and a whole lot of Mario Kart on this Thursday morning.

Star Wars

Mario and Sonic Rio 2016 Gets European Release Date At Last

Europeans rejoice! A release date has finally been set for the 3DS version of the newest Mario and Sonic Olympic game. You can expect this game to dash onto your 3DS console on April 8th, 3 weeks after the North American debut. 35 more words