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Some things get infinitely better with time, while other things seem to do the exact opposite.

One thing’s for certain:

Time can majorly mess with dormant gaming skills. 755 more words


10 Disappointing Game of 2016: A Year of Overhype and Glitches

By: Mike Massotto

2016 is being generally accepted as a bad year for many people. Whether it be the poor choices we had this elections, the deaths of so many well-known music artists and actors, or the generally “blah” ranked movies that were released throughout this year, people are finding things to be disappointed about. 1,576 more words

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Nintendo's Super Mario Run to Debut on Android in March

Nintendo’s first video game for mobile devices, Super Mario Run, originally debuted in December for Apple’s iOS. The game was noteworthy because Nintendo traditionally releases video games for its own video game consoles, and Apple’s exclusive was heavily marketed by the iPhone-maker. 284 more words


Nintendo News: Wii U's last game and Android games!

Nintendo got some some major news for 2017!

Wii U

Announced today, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime confirmed that the upcoming video game The… 139 more words


That Time Some Players Thought Luigi Was In Super Mario 64

(Source: kotaku.com)

Super Mario 64 was a watershed moment for our favorite video game plumber. Mario made the leap into the third dimension and brought a colorful array of characters with him but a major ally was missing: his brother Luigi. 585 more words


From Nintendo Switch to Donald Trump: What Will Shape the Gaming Industry in 2017

Every year I make wildly inaccurate predictions about the future of games, and that time has come again. I go through this exercise not only to suffer great embarrassment, but but also to sharpen my thinking by looking back over the years in an attempt to find the future. 2,148 more words


In The Eyes Of Your Opponent

The 90’s were a time when you really had to nail your colours to the mast as far as console hardware went. Sony had yet to come along and make gaming an acceptable pastime for anybody above the age of 14 so the school yard featured kids who either had a Nintendo or a Sega machine underneath their fourteen inch TV. 1,314 more words