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Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES)

duh-duh, duh-duh, duh-duh, duh-duh-duh” plays as you drop through a red door suspended in space, dropping you onto a tall green hill , towered by another.  729 more words

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Can you remember the first ever video game you played?

Me too, it was Ghostbusters on the old Commodore 64. God I miss that console/computer. Well it wasn’t really either but you guys know what I mean. 314 more words

Video Games

Super Mario Month- Starts 9/13!!!

Hey Arcaders!

Just got back from a research trip back to 1985- can’t tell you much- , but watch the video- it’ll tel ya’ all you need to know… for now!

 Keep Playin’ Like It’s 1981!

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A note to my father part 2

Fuck you father  and yes I am intentionally being rude to you    because you was just some dude that came around to feel on my momma       and truth be told i dont remember how old i was i was when super mario 3 came out out    but i wanted it    and if im honest if you didn’t have that yellow and grey cartridge you was just a partridge singing songs that didn’t relate to me       so how you gone relate to me    if it wasn’t for blood you wouldn’t even be a relation to me   but i also remember the shoes the brown leather cow boy boots that they said you would wear where ever you went     and i remember begging for a pair hoping you would catch a glare and say that’s my boy trying to fill his daddy’s shoes         i lose    it never happened and those shoes had them all laughing at the Chicago kid who thought he was a cow boy    and its strange when you think the other kids had that same instinct to search for their dads      but it didn’t seem to affect them      i guess they had others around to compensate        while i had to wait in vain that these dream of mine would go away      a dream for a family caused those surrounding me          i couldn’t talk to or understand their meaning   so now i am mean because to them it seems im arrogant and an ass         but im just off to the side i guess still waiting for my dad   or at least someone that makes me feel that i didn’t lose out because you weren’t about    cause i never got the chance to lash out and just be a kid who’s mad


Nostalgic Roe Presents: The Super Mario Bros. Super Show

Live action and cartoon segments jammed together to make one amazing Mario Bros. show? Nostalgic Roe gives Nintendo and DIC one last chance to prove that a Mario show can be worth a watch.


Super Mario

It is said that the greatest loss in life is not when we die, but rather what dies in us while we are yet alive. The graveyard is reputed to be the wealthiest place on the earth because it is home to a lot of dreams unachieved, potentials unprocessed and possibilities unattained. 591 more words

Mario Kart 8 review

Mario Kart left its mark very early in gaming history and it still continues its legacy as one of the best racing games of all time. 1,273 more words