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Nintendo Power #13

Issue 13 is the first strategy guide produced by Nintendo Power and as they so frequently do, they lead with Mario and the latest game in the series, Super Mario Brothers 3. 252 more words


Goomba takeover

The now familiar mantra of ‘Will (or wool) it crochet?’ has been applied to all things in the auntiedotes household.  Including birthday partys.

With a big one coming up for D’Daddy, I decided to search for an appropriate crochet addition to the festivities.   121 more words


Nintendo and the Fury

I’ll admit it, I was disappointed… no, I was angry. Angry to hear that Nintendo had resorted to dirty tactics, and poached Cloud Strife to add to their version of Battle Royale (Superstar Battle Royale, if you will): Smash Bros. 224 more words


Why I HATE the NES

I can already hear the retro gamer lynch mob coming after me, hear me out.

So, if you have lived under a rock for the past 30 years, the NES was the Nintendo console that pretty much saved the industry. 390 more words


No love for Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash

Off the Wall Writer, Tyler Wood

It is very rare that a Nintendo game leaves me feeling gypped, but even Nintendo can release a game that doesn’t live up today’s high game standards. 463 more words

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