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The Wii U: It's not so bad is it? (Five things I like)

Now most of you might not have played on the Wii U and you probably hold a valid opinion as to why, I mean where are those titles we truly deserve on the console from Nintendo? 979 more words


Super Mario Maker on 3DS will only be playable in 2D

When Super Mario Maker comes to 3DS this holiday, not only will it not allow you to send and share levels via the internet (like on the Wii U version), but it won’t even be playable in 3D. 205 more words


Pre-load Error Causes People To Download Full Version Of Paper Mario: Color Splash

Those who were able to pre-load Paper Mario: Color Splash last night were met with a surprising realization. The full game was unlocked and available to play two weeks ahead of its release. 44 more words

Happy 127th Birthday Nintendo!

Today (23rd September 2016) marks Nintendo’s 127th birthday! For a company that specializes in videogames in this current age, it was never always like that. What started out as a trading card and toy manufacturing company underwant a vast transformation in the 1970’s and has become the gaming giant many of us know and love today. 436 more words

Wii U

Nintendo 64 van

The 1990s were quite a time.
Somewhere between “Space Jam,” the Backstreet Boys and Rock the Vote!, Nintendo released its Nintendo 64 game console. The Nintendo 64 is home to some of Nintendo’s most beloved games: “Super Mario 64,” “GoldenEye 007,” “The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time,” and many more. 

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Super Mario Maker For 3DS Will Only Be Playable In 2D

The artwork for the 3DS port of Super Mario Maker has made one thing clear, this game won’t use the 3DS’s stereoscopic 3D feature, as it will only be playable in 2D, so owners of the 2DS will get the same experience as owners of the 3DS. 170 more words


September 23, 1889: Deal Me In, Yamauchi-san

Nintendo, the consumer electronics giant was founded on September 23, 1889. No, it wasn’t the first video gaming company, a hundred years ahead of its time. 417 more words

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