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Palazzo delle poste

Palazzo delle poste in Via Marmorata, Roma Italy 2015
35mm film scan


35mm Film Scan

Virtual Reality. A new dimensional danger.

I remember when I used to play Super Mario 64 when I was a kid. It was, to put it bluntly, a great game. Somehow, Nintendo managed to take the adventures of the infamous Italian plumber from a 2-D realm and into 3-D Realms, but without the guns and strippers… 688 more words

Old Games

Gaming & retro tissue boxes by kanojo

These Rubik’s, Mario, Portal and Game Cubes built to conceal a box of tissues by kanojo are not to be sneezed at.

“We happen to be fans of Big Bang Theory and in one episode, we spotted a Rubik’s Cube tissue box somewhere in their geek apartment. 102 more words

Geek Crafts

Poster: Super Mario Bros The Movie

Shitty movie with a great poster. Nuff said. I’ve done my magic.

Original is B&W only, but I’ve added some red to spice it up. Download it here.


What’s In The Box? A Paranoid Obsessive’s Look at the Boxes and Blocks of Video Gaming

I’d just like to start this article by acknowledging the main benefit of typing a piece on video games, as opposed to a video or podcast. 2,329 more words

Basic Aspergers for you Dummies

We all know that our Aspie’s (or the High Functioning Autistic children now as they are called) hyper focus on certain things in their “world”.  It becomes their obsession… Since my son was 18 months old it has been Mario Brothers for him.. 546 more words


Super Mario Bros. 3

I’m going to continue with the NES here, and say Super Mario Bros. 3 is a must play for all gamers. In my opinion its one of the best Mario games ever made. 71 more words