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Mario’s Underworld remix using Logic Pro


Created 2011:

We were given a short MIDI file of Mario’s Underworld theme and were to perform our own remix. It was an opportunity for us to practice… 74 more words


5 Game Facts You May Or May Not Know About: Mario

By Sean Engel

     Welcome to 5 Game Facts You May Or May Not Know About, A series where a member of the team gives 5 video game related facts on a character, franchise, or element of gaming that you may or may not know about. 786 more words

Game Relativity

Commercial Break: Sega Genesis

Last year’s book “Console Wars” by Blake Harris, documenting the war between Sega and Nintendo during the Genesis and SNES years introduced a lot of readers to the genius of Tom Kalinske and his teammates at Sega of America. 820 more words


Mario Kart 8 DLC: Keep 'Em Coming, Nintendo

There’s good things happening because of Mario Kart 8’s DLC. The content itself, for a start. People are mixed about the idea of Mario Kart slowly transforming into Nintendo Kart, but I for one am up for doing trick boosts off every major landmark from Nintendo’s franchises. 3,094 more words


Mario Party 10 Review

Mario Party 10 by sight looks a lot like Mario Party 9 which it mostly is with some good improvements and some bad improvements. To start with the main attraction the normal party mode, in this mode you are playing on a normal Mario Party 9 board which you can chose from a few but all mostly resemble Mario Party 9 themes with haunted house, 1rst level of Mario games, castle, and under water themes which is a shame since they have come up with good ideas for maps in the past. 312 more words


Trailer Mash-UP: Mad Max Meets Mario Kart

Check out the brilliant mash-up of Mario Kart and Max Mad: Fury Road.


Super Mario Bros. 2

Genre: Platform

Developer: Nintendo

Total time played: 9 Hours

Short review: Although Mario 2 is the black sheep of Mario games it is still a classic and offers a huge amount of replay value with the ability to play each level as one of 4 characters. 905 more words