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Calochortus macrocarpus

The genus name, Calochortus, derives from the Greek words “kalo” meaning “beautiful” and “chorta” meaning “grass”. Wildflowers in this genus are indeed very attractive. One of my favorites is the mariposa lily ( 247 more words

Nature Photography

Favorite Big Sur Wildflower

I really needed a change of pace, from the problems of overuse, to something much more beautiful, so I suspected you did too. This is the Calochortus venustus, or Mariposa Lily. My favorite.

Big Sur


Dry side, wet side:

Washington’s two faces.

Lush, spare, dim, bright.

In two hours you can change sides, be


The wet side:

Seattle techies huddle over their devices, 422 more words

Nature Studies

Mariposa Lily

Mariposa Lily — Image by kenne

The Photographer

He moves along the mountain trail
carrying a camera over his left shoulder.
This has been a bad year for wildflowers, 49 more words


A Voice of Colorado No. 46:

One is a lily, one is a tulip. Do you know which is which?


Mariposa Lily, Spring 2016

Mariposa Lily — Image by kenne

Bloom bloom, in desert lily
Thirst, sand, mirages silly,
White petals, fairy’s wings
Hope and love, thy petulant twigs!

— Sadiqullah Khan