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A Baskett of wild surprises

“Stop!,” I yelled as we slowly drove west on Coville Road. “There’s something in the field.” I rolled down my window and peered through binoculars to find a silver-feathered male… 577 more words


Calochortus kennedyi (and ambiguus)

I just got back from a whirlwind trip to Tucson (flying standby to TUS this time of year was serious a gamble – I got lucky and made my flights, but I nearly bit off all my nails waiting for a seat to come home)!  130 more words


The Desert Mariposa Lily, also called the Mariposa Tulip or Star Tulip, are blooming in central Arizona. They can be found among various open desert areas in western Arizona, southern California, southern Nevada, or northern Mexico. 61 more words


Desert Flower

You do not have to know everything.

You do not need to stay up late studying existence

Until your eyes water and your heart bleeds. 132 more words

Mariposa Lily

The Mariposa Lily has an amazing purple ring outside a lime green ring at the base of the petals. These pictures don’t do it justice.

Calochortus macrocarpus

The genus name, Calochortus, derives from the Greek words “kalo” meaning “beautiful” and “chorta” meaning “grass”. Wildflowers in this genus are indeed very attractive. One of my favorites is the mariposa lily ( 247 more words

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