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A-Z Challenge: Peeling back P

Potato sprouts

They are dangerous you know
If you swallow them, they grow

I raise my tired eyebrows in despair
Feebly give that knowing stare… 127 more words


The Waiting Game

Agent Soph will be the first to tell you, patience and I don’t sit well together, we’re not the greatest of allies. If there’s something to be done, why wait? 541 more words


How to make Perfect Roast Potatoes

Earlier this week, The Times of London were analyzing which was the best fat, or oil to cook Roast Potatoes for Christmas Dinner and so, I thought I might add my own thoughts to this controversial  debate… 320 more words

Home-made Recipes

Taste Test: Roasting Potatoes in Different Fats

With Christmas ‘just around the corner’,  the nation will once again be faced with the same old seasonal snags and quandaries: navigating the high-street hordes in search of presents you’re not sure your loved-ones truly want, trying to remember who sent you a Christmas card last year so as not to offend them this year and of course, endeavouring to roast the perfect potatoes. 932 more words