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Why should she obey God if her husband still acts like a jerk?

Dear Sunshine,

Since I am a Christian, I decided to follow what the Bible instructs wives to do and submit to my husband as unto the Lord.  

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Is your wife your partner or your servant?

Adam and Eve

Is your wife your partner or your servant?

I spoke with a lady some years ago who was in distress. She felt her life was coming apart because of the way her husband treated her. 817 more words

Mistletoe Need Not Bring Woe

Mistletoe Need Not Bring Woe

Dear Dr. D.

A year ago this Christmas my husband asked me to marry him. It was such a romantic moment – one I had dreamed about after being together for 7 years.

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October Bride

It’s been close to seventeen years ago, but it seems like it just happened yesterday – my wedding that is! It is the happiest of all my fall memories because it truly was the day that I married my best friend. 551 more words

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Who cooks? The Wife? The Husband?

In the era of ever- blurring gender based marital- role demarcations, it does sometimes get difficult to adjudicate who does the cooking. Who is the master of the kitchen? 763 more words


Thinking tall

My husband is out of town this weekend. He left this morning. I came home from driving my daughter around town this evening. The kitties were hungry. 550 more words

Breast Cancer

Going to the Chapel: Aristotle's Thoughts

Hold your horses, Nicholas Sparks lovers. Put away the box of chocolate, love letters, and dozen roses. Aristotle is about to tear your romanticized ideal of married life down faster than you can say “philosophy.” 431 more words