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Happy Marriages are Built on Like, Not Love

But people don’t get married because of like. It isn’t like that makes you sync up your life plans and sell off all your extra belonging that won’t fit into the new house you’ll soon share. 882 more words


Silence Breaks the Heart

Be careful of how you use your words.  Words can make or break relationships.  I specialize in helping couples communicate their needs effectively and respectfully.  I’d love to share this with you! 30 more words


Relationship is an art.

I practice a specific type of Relationship Coaching that helps couples design their dreams together.  I’d love to share with you about this. Please contact me through my website… 19 more words


Do you know Mature Love?

Do you ever look back at a relationship and think, “I thought I loved them, but now I don’t think I did.”  This can be because you mistook need for love.  121 more words


The give & take of who our partner is...

Some days we can only see our partner’s weaknesses. It is in those times when it is best to think of the times they have supported us and we persevered because we had their strength to lean on.


The Yearly Tune-UP

The start of another new year always feels like we get a clean slate to “start over” or make changes we have been putting off. Everyone runs to the gym, diet product sales increase, people set “New Year’s Resolutions” that they rarely keep. 289 more words