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Sexual Communication

Hello loves,

Sexual Communication is key in order to create the intimacy  you’re craving in your relationship. Often when we talk about sex, we assume that our partner experiences sexuality in a similar way that we do, or that couples are caught in the same ol’ sexual routine. 380 more words


The best of the best books for couples

Let’s face it, I’m a bibliophile. Have been since I was first read to as a small child. I still have the mental image of my favorite page in my copy of Golden Books… 462 more words

Books For Couples

How much Sex is Normal?

For the past week, I’ve had conversations with friends about the frequency of sex in their relationships and what’s “normal” for couples. So I thought to myself, what is normal for my relationship, and does it measure up to the average? 918 more words


Put down the Vase & Pick up a Fork: The Science Behind Fights at Night

Late at night before you turn into bed, have you ever found yourself being annoyed by the one you’re with? An evening that becomes wrought with misunderstandings, eye rolling, and all you want to do is go to sleep but you’re irritated enough to stay awake and argue? 176 more words


A.R.E. you there for me?

It’s probably the most common thread among couples – and it’s not gender specific.

It’s not like you’re having major blow-out arguments with your significant other every night, or that you’re gonna Lorena Bobbit his ass tomorrow, but it is clear that one or both people in the relationship is starting to feel like his or her needs are not quite being met by the other. 144 more words


The Coaching Through Chaos Podcast - Check it out!

I launched the Coaching Through Chaos Podcast – Bringing You what you need to Succeed in June on CoachingThroughChaos.com and on Bloomberg Radio 1110AM KTEK Houston’s… 376 more words


Happy Marriages are Built on Like, Not Love

But people don’t get married because of like. It isn’t like that makes you sync up your life plans and sell off all your extra belonging that won’t fit into the new house you’ll soon share. 882 more words