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Is Your Marriage Exciting?

Deficit thinking will always be one of the enemy’s tools, to back us into a corner of discontentment. A skewed view of what excitement is, makes us vulnerable to thinking that we have a dull and boring life or marriage. 690 more words


Husbands' behaviour improving?

or are women becoming more tolerant as fewer women sought a divorce in 2013.

Only 4% of wives wanted a divorce in the first 5 years of marriage… 205 more words


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I wonder if the trend has continued?

Attitude Matters

Over, and over, and over scientific studies support the anecdotal stories we all see. Things like kids think they are invincible. Science now shows us that they actually do…because the connection between their frontal lobes (where they weigh risk/benefit and make “executive decisions”) are woefully underdeveloped in adolescence even though their bodies look fully grown-up. 226 more words