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A Better Relationship is Only a Lesson Away

Our dog was a bundle of undirected puppy energy when we got him. My wife and I knew nothing about training a dog. He was our first. 724 more words

Sooner Would Be Better

October has been a busy month for me.  I have not gotten to the point of needing to turn clients away, but there have been a few weeks that stretched me.  830 more words


Control (Another Run At It)

I heard on the radio recently that with Janet Jackson’s latest release, she became the first recording artist to have a number one album in each of four decades.  883 more words


Ashley Madison Hack Help (Take 1)

So your information got hacked from your Ashley Madison account, huh?  And now your life is in crisis.  My grad school advisor’s native language was Chinese.  414 more words


Do You Need a Tutor After All?

“We took Love and Marriage because it was easy.”  Sherry

“Just because it is simple, does not mean it is easy.”  Andy Welch

I was having a conversation this week with an acquaintance from the gym while pedaling on the bicycle. 551 more words



Ever feel like the love is gone?

  • Your partner isn’t the person you fell in love with.
  • The communication gap between you widens every day. …
  • 412 more words

A Direct Approach to Couple Therapy

Marital therapy is about uncovering issues that intrude upon and undermine the relationship. Once discovered, the challenge is to alter either how one or both thinks, feels or acts, in order to improve upon that relationship. 1,257 more words