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Sniffled and Lust

Like so many of us, I have a game on my phone that is my go to if I find myself waiting around for someone.  Mine is “Word Bubbles.”  If you haven’t played it, it is relatively simple.  601 more words


Listen! Conversation through the Looking Glass

Originally published in The Hughson Chronicle-Denair Dispatch, 2016.

At an early age, we learn to speak. Shouldn’t it be a little easier to communicate with people, then? 639 more words


Married Life and its Vicissitudes: A Therapeutic Approach, by Arturo Varchevker

How therapy can transform marital miscommunication into constructive communication

Marital therapy has developed significantly in the last few decades and fulfils a very important role in helping disturbed couples in the process of understanding their difficulties. 687 more words


A couples therapist who'll straighten out your partner

Political correctness aside, it’s a blessing, and critical, to have a therapist willing to “go out on the limb” and implicate your spouse without ever having met him. 406 more words

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The role of acceptance in relationships

Research shows that partners who can accept each other for who they are (short of accepting abuse) give themselves a better chance to have successful marriages than partners who can’t, or won’t.  474 more words

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Can Darwinian principles explain my spouse’s transformation?

Marital principles better explain it—especially the principle that, in general, spouses become inversely appealing to each other the longer the marriage lasts.  This is a regrettable phenomenon; hard, but not impossible, to reverse.   318 more words

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What happened to my spouse?

What happened to your spouse is what happens to most spouses: She lost track.  Lost track of the importance of making you feel, well, important… 206 more words

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