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Oldest River Vessel

Cruis Blog reader ‘Max M’ suggested that after discussing the biggest river boats (here) we should discuss the oldest.

I have done a little research and it would appear that the oldest registered marine vessel with overnight accommodation, is in fact a vintage steam canal boat called M/S Juno.  428 more words

Maritime History

Today is the anniversary of the worst maritime disaster in American history

It was April 27th, 1865 – 151 years ago today.  And I bet that most people have never even heard of it, even though it killed more people than the… 623 more words

Boaty McBoatface? Lame, Say the Shades of Countless Generations of Mariners

So Boaty McBoatface won the vote, then. Quelle surprise.

Just about the one and only reason I wish I could still be alive in two hundred years time is to see how the maritime historians of that era (assuming that there are such things then; i.e. 1,245 more words

Spotlight: Submarine Chasers

In 1916, after 2 incidents with German submarines off the east coast of the United States, the U.S. Navy recognized an urgent need for a new kind of vessel, one heavy enough for weather at sea, but nimble enough for antisubmarine maneuvers. 233 more words


Why the US Coast Guard still uses a Nazi-built ship

There’s a mutual agreement that Nazis are bad. But Nazis also happened so many years ago that their direct legacy is beginning to fade. However, at the US Coast Guard, recruits are trained on a ship that was built and fought for Adolf Hitler himself. 7 more words


New Bedford Fishing Heritage Center Now Online

This past summer I got to meet and work with a great group from New Bedford that is creating a much-needed fisheries museum in their famous port. 119 more words

Maritime History

The science and history of rogue waves, part three

I found another good video on YouTube about rogue waves, and this one actually talks at length about the dangers to offshore platforms and people on shore from rogue waves, using actual recent historical examples. 744 more words