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Admiral Collingwood's Table

Collingwood was one of the most unfortunate of Britain’s naval heroes, but perhaps it links with his diet. How many of his men would want to dine with him and discuss tactics? 109 more words

Real Life

more than just of grain (of salt on the north atlantic)

NPR’s The Salt on a it’s title topic, on the totally rad revival of Sea Salt harvesting and sale on Massachusetts sea coast.

This post brought to you by our continued enthusiasm for Maine Sail Freight!

For Your Enjoyment

A coincidence I could not ignore

I was intrigued to see, downstream from Blue Mistress,  two masts of a large schooner towering over the normal view. 149 more words


Review: Nelson’s Caribbean Hell-Hole, an Eighteenth Century Graveyard Uncovered

Nelson arrived in Antigua in 1784 and later described English Harbour as ‘an infernal hole’. He was miserable during his time there. His complaints, however, were largely related to his boredom, restlessness and hopeless love for a woman who was already married to another man. 519 more words

A visit to Appledore 2: Richmond Dry Dock

From my grandfather, via my mother, we had inherited a box of flood-affected old photographs of sailing vessels, including a large number of my grandfather’s trading ketch… 397 more words

The Sea

A visit to Appledore 1: the Maritime Museum

Over the years I have mentioned the trading ketch, Ceres, which belonged in turn to my great-great-grandfather, my great-grandfather and finally my grandfather. I promised myself that, when I finished the day-job and had more time, I would further explore her history. 507 more words

The Sea