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The Box That Built the Modern World

By Andrew Curry


More than any other single innovation, the shipping container—there are millions out there, all just like the ones stacked on the Hong Kong Express but for a coat of paint and a serial number—epitomizes the enormity, sophistication, and importance of our modern transportation system. 327 more words


J-3 #GDS : #Globalisation of the #seas

The Geostrategic Dialogue Series (GDS) Soir is pleased to invite you to attend our monthly event, featuring Guillaume Bucherer, IGMO’s Security and Economics Bureau Chief, who will speak on the Globalisation of the Seas… 37 more words

Maritime Security

Of Hashish and Sailboats

Umm. Question of the week is where’s the demarcation line for tolerance? That is, how far do you have to sail in respecting someone else’s beliefs before you reach the point where you can say: “Okay, Mate, ‘nough’s enough.”? 361 more words

The Secret of Maritime Jurisdiction Exposed


Following are excerpts from Valiant Liberty’s exceptional work regarding how maritime jurisdiction (law of the sea) was brought onto the land without our knowledge or consent.  2,623 more words


Amid Controversy, Japanese Whaling Ships Return to Antarctic Ocean...

“Japan sent two whaling ships back to Antarctica’s Southern Ocean today (Dec. 1) after a one-year hiatus, resuming seasonal whale hunts that have come under increasing scrutiny and censure from the international community.

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Negligence On Cruise Ships

Recently, a Miami jury awarded nearly $2 million to a former Royal Caribbean Cruise crew member for her injuries sustained due to the negligence of the common carrier. 1,282 more words

Maritime Law

Spratly Islands in the Spotlight

by John Brian Shannon

The Spratly Islands are a hodgepodge of tiny islands, atolls, and rocky outcrops that sometimes appear above sea level in the South China Sea… 1,132 more words