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At PSN Law, Our attorneys handle multiple matters, including general liability, maritime litigation, medical malpractice, nursing home malpractice, premises liability defense, products liability defense and workers’ compensation. 8 more words


What is Abandon Ship?

Abandon Ship! is a formal command given in the face of danger, usually the imminent sinking of the ship.

The order can only be issued by the captain of the ship – the Master – or the person delegated to take command if the captain is unable to. 300 more words

Merchant Navy

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Qualities of a Good Insurance Defense Attorney

Are you facing an insurance defense issue? Our attorneys are capable and experienced in handling maritime law, liability defense, maritime litigation and personal injury defense cases. 9 more words


Are you blind?

Our Universe, The Earth, Our World, is not what you think it is!

Nothing is as it appears

Nothing operates the way you think it does… 10 more words

What's It All About?

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