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Philipp Hermes joins IGMO's Arctic Bureau

We are pleased to announce that Philipp Hermes of BHM Penlaw has joined IGMO’s Arctic Bureau.

You will find his profile here : http://obgms.org/geostrategic-maritime-task-force-gmtf/arctic-bureau/ 

Philipp will be attending the Arctic Circle conference (15-18 October :   34 more words

Maritime Law

Free in/ Free out clauses and cargo claims

SDTM-CI v Continental Lines N.V. EWHC 1747 (Comm)

Cargo claims were brought against the shipowner under two bills of lading incorporating the terms of a charterparty which contained a clause providing “Cargo shall be loaded, spout trimmed and/or stowed at the expenses and risk of Shippers/Charterers … Cargo shall be discharged at the expenses and risk of Receivers/Charterers at the average rate of 1,500 metric tons per weather working day ……Stowage shall be under Master’s direction and responsibility…” Flaux J has held that the incorporated provision has the effect of transferring responsibility for loading and discharging away from the shipowner. 37 more words


Arrest of Ships

An interesting decision of the Federal Court of Australia in The Sam Hawk FCA 1005. For the purpose of determining if a claimant has a maritime lien for a contractual claim (here the supply of bunkers), the law of the contract under which the bunkers were supplied controls. 24 more words



In Nigerian maritime jurisprudence, the maritime claims that are enforceable in the Federal High Court – which is the Nigerian Court of law given the exclusive the jurisdiction by the Constitution to hear and determine any question relating to any maritime claim…………Click to continue

Commercial Law

Modern-day slavery...

“We’ve described how, once a ship is registered under a flag of convenience, the flag state often places no restriction on the nationality of the crew, leaving the shipowner free to recruit the cheapest labor possible from countries that can do nothing to protect those laborers even if they want to, leaving the crews with only the flag state to protect them.

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Black fish...

“Organizations that monitor illegal fishing around the world often use the term ‘pirate’ to refer to both illegitimate fishing itself and the vessels used to perpetrate it…

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Flags of convenience...

“More than 60 percent of our planet’s oceans are beyond national jurisdiction. That is, they lie not only beyond nations’ twelve-nautical-mile territorial seas but also beyond their two-hundred-mile exclusive economic zones (EEZs).

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