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All the laws Australia is breaking if it pays human traffickers to keep migrants away

The Australian government may have broken Australian, Indonesian, and international maritime laws if it has, as reported, paid human traffickers to sail their boats away from Australian waters, human rights activists told Quartz. 640 more words

Way out there. Not the Jetsons.

Floating out there in their own little world, yet no escaping.

Each little thing must be categorized, legally defined, and dealt with accordingly.

Flotsam. Jetsam. 515 more words


The South Sea of China; At The Helm of The Art of Diplomacy

China is dredging waters off it’s coast and expanding its land mass. The US is nervous because they believe it is a ‘ploy’ to create a greater military presence over the waters which the US claims are international. 686 more words


In High Seas or in Low Seas, the Marshall Islands and America ain't Friends

The news this week that Iran had seized an American cargo ship initially seemed certain to derail the tentative peace negotiations which have gotten further than ever before in recent months. 684 more words


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Leaving A Core Piece Of An Article Missing

There isn’t much missing from The Washington Post article, “U.S. Dispatches Destroyer After Iran Boards Commercial Ship”. In fact, the piece is packed full of facts and specifics that command attention because the audience is reminded of the U.S’s military rivals and the vulnerability of maritime vessels. 150 more words

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Spoiling for Oil - Are the Falklands Britain's Crimea?

Argentina and the UK are going another round in their never-ending Malvinas/Falkands territorial dispute.

Argentina filed a suit last week against three British oil companies and two American – Rockhopper Exploration plc, Premier Oil plc, Falkland Oil And Gas Limited, Noble Energy Inc. 1,103 more words