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Characters I Possibly Would Have Played If I Decided to Be A Musical Theatre Actress

Another list blog:

I keep on being asked if I actually was going to be a musical theatre actor, which roles and shows would I have wanted to be in. 514 more words


"On My Own" and "I'm Not That Girl"

I find it quite interesting how you can have two different musical songs about the exact same thing and yet are strongly different from each other. 755 more words


Le Cauchemar de l’Humanitaire En République Démocratique du Congo

L’Organisation des Nations Unies s’inquiète de l’affluence de la population civile et des rebelles Sud-Soudanais dans la partie Nord-Est de la République Démocratique de Congo (RDC). 969 more words


Writing Excerpt: Pseudo-Fanfiction

I say pseudo-fanfic because while all of the characters who appear in the story are of my own creation, and are considered part of shall we say the “established extended universe” of kinda-canon, this is not my setting. 2,046 more words


The Blood of Tantalus

His name was Tantalus, but he had forgotten that name.  He had forgotten what he had done to earn the eternal torment he suffered in the place of punishment, the realm known as Tartarus. 6,231 more words


Roger Pike's Marius 2014 releases

It takes a good effort to get me posting again, and that was delivered last week in a brown paper carton. Roger Pike has a strong following through the mailing list, and the wines have been selling out quickly in previous years. 347 more words

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