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How to Start the Beginning: Cosmogonic Myths in World-Building

How did we get here? I don’t mean you and me, of course, but humanity as a whole; where did we come from? What about the earth we stand on, or the stars in the sky, including the sun? 1,948 more words


Les Misérables: The Moral State Part II: An Approaching Shadow?

They had left the convent. When in the world, one can see more clearly the state of a man’s heart. It can be easy, when we are not assailed, to sail peacefully through life. 556 more words


Les Misérables: Awaiting Deus ex Machina

If we come upon Part Three, book eight, chapter xx and get a couple of pages in, we see Marius realize what we have known all along: he is in the midst of a mess. 156 more words


Ranks of My Five Les Mis Casts

This post will rank the actors from the movie, 25th anniversary concert film, the community college production, West End production, and Greenville production. It may not be accurate because I don’t remember some of the actors. 247 more words


Episode Two: With the Rain Comes Change – Part Two

Come Alive

Ava Steele lived in a two-bedroom apartment in an older high rise in the West End of Vancouver, a block off Davie Street.  Marius discovered early in his living with her that life in the busy downtown core was far different from suburban Burnaby.   1,834 more words

The Living Ink

Tragedies of the Les Mis Characters

Yes, yet another Les Mis post. Today I decided to talk why each of the characters in Les Mis have something tragic about them.

Major Spoilers: 458 more words


Fantine and Pontmercy

An interesting parallel occurs in Part three, book three. We are re-introduced to Pontmercy, the man who was both saved and robbed by Thénardier. But Pontmercy isn’t the only one the Thénardiers have “saved” and robbed. 145 more words