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Some Thoughts on Appian's The Civil Wars

I have read a significant portion of Appian’s The Civil Wars and have some comments before he leads me into the altercations between Octavian and Marcus Antonius. 814 more words


Fixed Fortifications Are Useless

Armies and states throughout history have sought to provide security by constructing fixed fortifications like fortresses, citadels, and walls.  These projects inevitably end as dismal failures.   926 more words


Parallels in Musicals

Yesterday, I talked about why musicals rely on each other. This post is kind of similar, but this post I am going to be talking about parallels that you can find in musicals. 719 more words


Does the educational mission of zoos justify captivity, culling, and public dissection of animals?

By Genevieve Cottraux

The issue of keeping animals in captivity was recently in the news with the announcement of the last performance of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus this May.  558 more words

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