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The Dark Hug of Time Chapter 4 ending: Passing through Llanduvar


Lilah and Annelise and Rob were standing in a public square, but it was not to be confused with Endweith Village on semi-ancient Olvar. Tall glassy buildings rose about the vast plaza, spectacular fountains shot up, fell back and shot up again, blue under the blue sky in the light of a very golden sun, there was an ocean on the left side of their view complete with unclad adults and madcap children, crowds of the bourgeoisie moved about, food carts hovered wheel-less here and there. 525 more words


The Dark Hug of Time Chapter 4 continued: A future Endweith


Lilah, Rob and Annelise held hands, Lilah in the middle. Annelise held her crystal gadget in her left hand; Rob had his wand in his right hand. 551 more words


The Dark Hug of Time Chapter 4 continued: Salagon


Salagon, for it was he, followed them out into the hall. “Professor,” said Lilah, “do you have a moment for us to ask a few questions?” 1,203 more words



It’s so strangely intimate visiting someone else’s house.

Victor Hugo’s apartment at le Place des Vosges wasn’t exactly what I anticipated. It was all too grandiose, from the papered walls and patterned ceilings, to the heavily carved dark wooden furniture, to the exorbitant displays of paintings, the hanging rows of porcelain, the grand mirrors. 211 more words


Marius and Sylla

The Setting

Just before the time of Caesar, there existed a great rivalry between two men who had filled the world with their hatred for each other. 1,229 more words


un petit bistro que s'appel MARIUS

After visiting Marta’s new apartment on the Westerdok we go just around the corner for this great French-inspired restaurant, which is next to another funny place called Worst (as in sausage). 59 more words

Who Was to Blame?: An Analysis of Les Miserables and the Deaths of Les Amis


kinda really want to see a bitter, angry version of empty chairs at empty tables, give me closed eyed tears at oh my friends and clenched fists at meet no more, kick a chair at what your sacrifice was for, give me a bitter,

745 more words