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5. Theme C

I regarded M&M differently after the meeting at Park Plaza in Trier, or at least Marius. The entire balance had shifted and instead of my fury being directed at Jin, it was now directed at Euwel itself and its CEO, Silvano Rossello. 1,094 more words


4. Codetta

‘Quite the spectacle, I’d say,’ said Katz Schrödinger as we sat at the Park Plaza bar in Trier.

‘It didn’t occur to you to inform us?’ asked Marius. 672 more words


3. Variation on B and C

Theme B is the energetic beat of business, money, power. Theme C is the aspiration to become B which renders it a perfect counterpoint. M&M were still stunned by what had transpired at Euwel and as the five of us, I, Miriana, M&M and K, met at the… 1,565 more words

3. Development

Marius gets deja vu

Our next mini interview is with Dylan Lambert who’ll be playing Marius in Les Mis.

What’s crazy is that my first show with the company was Les Mis a mere 6 years ago!   103 more words

3. Theme B2

Miriana threw a fit when she learned what had happened.

‘Are you crazy?’ she screamed at me as I made my American espresso which, to Europeans, is weaker than regular coffee. 1,513 more words


3. Variation on A and C

M&M were excited. Things were moving forward and Euwel had decided to pump half a million euros into the company against a twenty percent share, a bit high but we really wanted to get this moving and fast. 2,005 more words


1. Theme C

Great orchestral works are masterpieces in terms of manipulating form, rhythm, dynamics and orchestration. A theme that initially appears in a minor key played with the full orchestra led by trumpets will sound completely different in a major key with only soft strings and carried by the high-register bassoon. 1,194 more words