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Episode One: So Marks the End

Part One:  Faces in the Fog

Her skin was still warm.  Smooth and rich beneath the drift of his fingers along her cheekbone.  Her smile must have been a beautiful thing to see, spread over full lips painted a natural bronze that blended well with her dark complexion.   1,836 more words

Episode One

Sympathy and Empathy in Musicals

The word sympathy reminds me of musicals. A musical has the advantage of song to make you feel for the characters. They want you to feel empathy for the characters, but sometimes all you can feel sympathy for them especially if you are feeling for a character you don’t like. 490 more words


#BLADELIFE - Welcome to the Family

Filmed by Marius Gaile
Additional Angles: Florian Huemer, Fabian Gaile
Photography: Marius Gaile
Cameras used: Sony A6300, Panasonic HVX200

As mentioned in the “About” Section, one of my biggest passions in life is Rollerblading. 153 more words


Cn. Pompeius Cn.f. Sex.n. Magnus or Pompey?

When I was in the university studying history, we were told to a point of boredom how flawed the Great Men History was. While methodological discussion is always very important, I couldn’t help asking myself then, what the heck lecturers meant by this attack. 2,036 more words


Why I Love the Love Triangle in Les Mis

Yesterday, I talked about Phantom of the Opera’s love triangle and the day before I talked about  Wicked’s love triangle and now today it is time for me to talk about the Les Mis love triangle. 549 more words


OBIZZLE 3 - Video and Photo Gallery

For the last couple of months, me and the gang have worked on several Blading Videos, mostly filmed in the streets. But before we head out in the streets, we meet up at the local skatepark in Feldkirch, Austria. 68 more words


Lilah's job offer

From The Dark Hug of Time

Lost in nightmare, Lilah Bay stumbled down a crowded street in a dark city.

She hurt all over. She was wounded in some mysterious way, her skull hurt, her ribs hurt, her legs hurt, her left arm hurt. 2,430 more words