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… is Marjorie’s chapter on budgeting. She outlines a variety of her ‘cases’, some of whom fritter their money away, others of whom have various ways of making sure their money works for them. 181 more words

Beauty In Imperfect Celebrations: Marjorie Dannenfelser

There is always something worth celebrating. And thank goodness, because it’s good medicine.

One of my earliest memories of the home I grew up in is sitting on the steps, looking through the rails, and watching my parents’ dinner party. 440 more words


When A Lady Needs A Friend

Friends are very important to Marjorie. She firmly, but kindly, tells her readers to put their hats on and go right out and make some friends if they’re newly arrived in a place where they don’t know anyone. 287 more words

Emily Fox-Seton, Marchioness and All Around Interesting Character

I rarely have an evening where I have our television to myself, and last night was one such occasion. I stumbled upon a repeat of a (not that great to be honest, given that it strayed so far from the original material) television version of  172 more words

In Praise Of Ironing

I love ironing. It is, without doubt, my favourite household chore. I wouldn’t even call it a chore, in fact, because I enjoy it so much. 270 more words

Getting On In The World

I work in a specialised field. To say my job is in a niche sector would be an understatement. While it has many upsides, one major fly in the ointment is my working hours. 269 more words

Please Dress

According to Marjorie, it takes a genius to make an impression in run-down heels and an unbecoming hat. She has a lot to say about how the apparel oft proclaims the woman and there is a detailed guide to what a woman paying attention to getting orchids on her budget should buy in her books. 287 more words