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Sermon: Finding Rest In Jesus from Mark 2 & 3

In our sermon series “Mark: Discipleship in Christ Through the Gospel,” we are reminded that in our burn out and exhausted world, we are all looking for rest. 59 more words


My Friends Brought Me To Jesus!

I have been studying Mark 2:1-12. It’s a passage where Jesus clearly showed He is God. So, it is a turning point in the narrative because of His transparency about His divinity; and now He has enemies – the religious rulers and authorities. 658 more words


Make an Entrance

Jesus Changed the Paralytic—not the Pharisees (Mark 2:1-12).

I hate crowds. I mean, people are handy—especially if they’re your friends and family. But when you get a bunch of them together, all trying to check out with their flat-screens or drive down the interstate to work or buy a burrito from Chipotle…that’s when it gets complicated. 1,326 more words


Jesus Heals a (Sort Of) Paralytic

Paralysis by analysis: the state of over-analyzing (or over-thinking) a situation so that a decision or action is never taken, in effect paralyzing the outcome. 711 more words

Spiritual Formation

Rest in Christ

Way to often we consider success by what we can see, our list of accomplishments, our possessions, how devoted we are to our work, etc.  But in doing this we work under our own power to become who we think God wants us to be, when in all actuality, all God requires of us is to focus on Him and allow Him to guide and direct us. 596 more words


The getaway car

Long before white-collar crime took the bravery out of thievery, the real money came from robbing a bank. And if you were robbing a bank you needed a getaway car. 651 more words

Classic Cars

Make your Mark

Following my last post encouraging the reading of the Bible, beginning with Mark’s Gospel, I thought it important to dwell a bit more on Mark as a book. 246 more words