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"But God raised him from death"

“But God raised him from death,” (Acts 13:30, GNB)

I love how the person who versified the Scriptures, made this just one verse in the Bible because it sets out what became of Christ after his death in such stark and poignant terms.  102 more words


"Be Healed"

“Jesus said to her, “My daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace, and be healed of your trouble.”” (Mark 5:34, GNB)

Jesus heals the woman who had been struggling with hemorrhage for 12 years.  29 more words


Bear Burdens: Man on the Mat (Mark 2:1-12)

Bear Burdens:  Man on the Mat (Mark 2:1-12)

For the second of five weeks, our parish has been supporting our youth in prayer as they journey to the ELCA National Youth Gathering in Detroit, Michigan.  650 more words

Children's Church

Jesus wasn't afraid to provoke people

So, I was reading Mark 2 and I noticed the way that Jesus deliberately provoked the religious leaders in the first three accounts that we read there. 329 more words


But Do We Know that the Right Words Were Written? - Objection #2

Part 2a

Part 2b

Objection #1

Objection #3

Objection #2: The Gospels Contain Contradictions

Bart Ehrman

After explaining that there are some differences that are simply variations and some that seem to be at odds without being “flat-out contradictions”, Ehrman speaks of a third category of difference. 4,864 more words

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Driving Lessons Mark, Somerset

Many congratulations to Jack Schollar from Mark, Somerset, who passed his Practical Driving Test first time with just one minor on Thursday 4th June 2015 at Weston-super-mare driving test centre.   37 more words

Driving Lessons

Jesus the Hammer: The New Maccabean Revolt -- Mk. 1.14-39

As I stated earlier, the prologue of Mark actually continues on past what began with. vv. 1.14-15 represent a transition. Jesus has had a private ministry, but he is to supplant John the Baptist and bring in the Kingdom of God in its fullness. 2,161 more words