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Mark 5:1-17; 7:24-37 -- Healing enemies

Reading:  Mark 5:1-17, 7:24-37

When we read the how Jesus went to the land of the Garasenes, many things stand out. There is the fact this encounter took place in a graveyard, that the Demons were named Legion, that these demons went into pigs, and killed the entire herd of pigs, and that when they saw the formerly demon possessed man healed and in his right mind, they were afraid and asked Jesus to leave. 1,197 more words


Mark 5:19 - Be a witness first to our family, friends, or people?

A continuation of a further look at Mark 5:19 on the man who was exercised of a legion of demons and had them cast into a heard of pigs (swine). 246 more words

Bible Translations

Dear Downcast Eyes

Dear Downcast Eyes,

I see you in church. You stand there going through the motions, mouthing the words to the songs. I know how you feel. 451 more words

Don't try and steal Jesus' power

Thoughts on Mark 5:21-34

A synagogue big cheese comes toward you, the crowd parts as he makes his way, he falls at your feet and begs you, for his daughter’s sake, to come to his home. 350 more words

Imitating Jesus

The Geresene Demoniac and me

Mark 5:1-20

Here is a man, strong in body, weak in spirit; can break chains and fetters but is bound in his heart. His natural abilities could free him to walk about, but yet even when loosed from the chains, he remained living among the tombs. 161 more words

Imitating Jesus

Empty Words Won't Save You

“Whoever confesses that Jesus is the Son of God, God abides in him, and he in God.” (I John 4:15)

Despite the apparent simplicity of this verse, one should be careful not to take it in a woodenly literal fashion, as a minimalist means of salvation: just confess that Jesus is the Son of God, with no commitment of your life to Him, and you will be saved. 320 more words

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