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Bleeding Woman Healed Story

According to Levitical law, the sick woman in this story was socially unclean and therefore an outcast from her local community for over a decade. She spent all of her money seeking out healing remedies and advice from a multitude of physicians before the moment that she encountered Jesus Christ the Healer. 407 more words

No Place Left

Dead Girl Resurrection Story

Between the moment that Jairus found Jesus and asked him to come heal his deathly sick daughter and the moment that they arrived at his home, Jairus’ daughter died. 469 more words


Well Meaning Jerks

“No, no, no…let me get that for you!”

I like to think of myself as a helpful neighbor, friend, father and husband. I do things for others…sometimes without them even asking. 389 more words

The Peoples Church Of East Lansing

Sermon 24 Jan 2016: "Access, Perspective, & the Kingdom of God"

Text: Mark 5:21-43

There’s the old saying: “It’s all a matter of perspective.”  You know, the glass is half empty or half full; you’re either the hammer or the anvil; life is what you make of it.”  The other day I was getting the oil changed in my truck and while I was sitting in the waiting room at the dealership, I was checking my email on my phone.  859 more words

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For You

“Look at the cross! That’s how much God loved you.”

We hear this expressed—often. Sometimes helpful, sometimes not so much. Yes, the cross is the most vivid, true evidence of the great, extravagant, undeserved love of Jesus to sinners. 1,096 more words