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Statement from SA Rugby president, Mr Mark Alexander

“The whole of South African rugby is extremely disappointed with this year’s Springbok results and deeply worrying aspects of the performances. It has not been good enough and no one is pretending otherwise. 267 more words


Spring View by Du Fu

The country is broken, though hills and rivers remain,
In the city in spring, grass and trees are thick.
Moved by the moment, a flower’s splashed with tears, 59 more words


“There is little evidence as to precisely what happened” - the murder of Samuel Alexander (2009)

When retired English teacher Samuel Alexander disappeared in 2009, the alarm was soon raised. His body was later discovered buried at his family home. His son, Mark Alexander – a 22 year old law student and entrepreneur – was wrongly accused of the murder and is now serving 16 years mandatory life imprisonment. 3,350 more words

  • Having spent years as a street cop early in my career, I can tell you that when 95% of murder victims in urban centers are “people of color,” and 95% of perpetrators are “people of color,” cops of any color are going to be more cautious with “people of color.” This isn’t “racism,” this is reality, driven by a desire to make the community safe and to return home at the end of that day’s tour ~Mark Alexander
Mark Alexander

Wrestling with edges: an interview with Mark Alexander by Jack Wakefield

Mark Alexander is a British-born artist who lives and works in Berlin. He employs idiosyncratic designs for his frames, based on traditional models but always used in unconventional ways, and has become increasingly enthusiastic about their meaning for his work over the course of his many exhibitions. 4,852 more words