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Why do we love Baashha?

It’s a question many have pondered over for years now. Why Baashha? What about it?

That frenetic clicking sound you hear is thousands trying to pre-book tickets for Baashha that’s been confirmed for re-release on Friday, March 3. 749 more words


Cleopatra & Her Children

Thousands of people around the world have heard of the famous love story of Cleopatra and Mark Antony, many of us having learned about it since grade school. 1,364 more words


Claudius Roman Invasion Britain

“Claudius undertook, in all, one expedition and that one was of no great extent. When he was granted triumphal ornaments by decree of the Senate, he thought that the title was not weighty enough to grace the imperial magistracy and craved the distinction of a proper triumph.” … 1,302 more words

Ancient Britain And Rome

Cleopatra's Island

Cedar Island, Cedrae Island, Sedir Adası, Marmaris, Muğla, Turkey

The features of the sand is that each grain is equally 1 mm in diameter, burns when thrown in fire, multiples by itself in soda water, and shows spontaneous proliferation… 174 more words

Flash Poesy


Hurt that my heart does, the knowledge that I have  killed you,

Cry that my eyes do for the blood I know I poured.

Oh Captain my captain, see what I have done you! 83 more words


Book Review: Cleopatra

“The personal inevitably trumps the political, and the erotic trumps all: We will remember that Cleopatra slept with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony long after we have forgotten what she accomplished in doing so, that she sustained a vast, rich, densely populated empire in its troubled twilight, in the name of a proud and cultivated dynasty.” 921 more words

Book Review

Happiness Is...

A lovely garden in a lovely summer night, things going (nearly) smooth, not messing up one’s lines, finding again the golden thread with the (large) audience, applause, applause, applause… 8 more words