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Cry Havoc, and let slip the dogs of war

Every now and then I stumble across bits of Shakespeare which make me catch my breath with their brilliance. Here’s Mark Antony, lamenting Caesar’s murder and predicting bloody civil war and turmoil: 280 more words


The Anatomy of a Man: Maurice Bishop & 5th June, 1983

I don’t use the words “political figure” to describe Maurice Bishop for many reasons but the most pressing of them is this: I see humanity in his leadership through his words, his speeches and the manner in which he lived his life, even to the very end as he stood against the cemented wall at Fort Rupert on 19th October, 1983. 1,330 more words

"Friends, Romans, Countrymen..." vs "Let Rome in Tiber Melt..."

Originally posted on 1 August 2015

On 1 August, 30 BC, Marcus Antonius committed suicide.

To historians he is now known as Mark Antony.

He was best friends with Gaius Julius Caesar. 758 more words

Summer 2015 Project - Try To Write A Blog Post Everyday

The Feast of the Lupercal

Greetings everyone, just a quick announcement.

I am promoting my dear friend Marcus Antonius in this year’s Lupercal Foot Race.

So come out to support Antony, and honor our dear god Pan. 19 more words


Empire: The Battle of Mutina

I hate Empire with a surprising passion. I want nothing better than to forget the 6 hours I spent watching it, but somehow I just can’t seem to stop writing about this turd, sort of the way I couldn’t stop picking at a wart that I once had on my right hand, even though picking at it hurt in a bad way. 1,645 more words


Empire: What the Hell is Going On?

Watching Empire has made me reflect on all the poor life choices that brought me to this moment. If I had decided to study accounting rather than history, I doubt that I would have hit such a bottom watching this wretched ABC mini-series. 2,582 more words