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A Bone to Pick

Sometimes you go through a reading phase where you find yourself, accidentally or on purpose, reading books that have a theme. For me the theme has been food: cooking, eating, and relating to it. 451 more words

Book Review

Bittman: butter is better

As usual, Mark Bittman makes a big impression, simply by speaking common sense. Stop making crappy fat in bulk. Use real fat if you’re going to use it. 24 more words


Day 3

I can feel the carb cravings!  I want to stuff my face with bread, crackers, and POTATO CHIPS!  I keep having to remind myself to stay disciplined. 182 more words

Book Review: A Bone to Pick by Mark Bittman

Mark Bittman has compiled many of his articles from the NY Times into a new book on food in America. A Bone to Pick examines the way we, as a nation, eat and the system that brings us our food. 412 more words

A Bone To Pick


For those of you living in Barrow, Alaska or Deer Island, Maine or Halifax, Nova Scotia, I have two words for you which, being kind of couth, I won’t use.   3,625 more words


Socca, Lentils, and Lemon Radish Salad

Ah, the challenges of assembling a meal. Particularly vegetarian meals, because often there’s no focal point, but instead an amalgamation of various sides seeking harmony. Today I offer you a combination: three elements that are quite tasty alone, but perhaps not spectacular, yet together create a marvelous dinner. 607 more words


What I've Been Reading

A few weeks ago, I bought some fava beans at the market and didn’t quite know what to do with them. Enter the Saveur Summer Produce Guide. 371 more words