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chocolate glazed and raspberry jelly doughnuts


i don’t understand the whole baked doughnut craze. they’re healthier, i guess. they take forty-five minutes to make as opposed to three hours. but to me, the word “doughnut” connotes something golden and fluffy and fried. 197 more words


Baked Falafel

I love falafel, but I try (and sometimes fail) not to eat too much fried food. When I make it at home, I use some version of… 287 more words


Word of the Day: DYSPEPSIA

DYSPEPSIA– The queasy feeling in the pit of one’s stomach that one’s teammate got a better endorsement deal with Pepsi.

COKE– An addictive substance known to endorse every politician, sport, emotion, ideology, color, creed, and war. 111 more words


The Most Requested Meal

It goes in phases, but the most requested meal at Casa Stacie right now is oven roasted salmon and mashed potatoes (and a green veg or salad for good measure). 289 more words

Cooking With Kids

The Future of the Food Movement

Sometimes checking Twitter compulsively pays off. Last Friday, while checking my feed yet again, I noticed a tweet from Michael Pollan with information on a limited number of tickets for the last Edible Education 101 lecture at UC Berkeley, organized by… 1,146 more words


Is Bacon A Carb?

“Plan your final meal.”  Well, I’m not sure what I did nor why my lawyer couldn’t get me a stay, but if I was really planning my last meal it would probably be Krispy Kreme donuts and cereal and I definitely would not be paying for and making it myself.   608 more words


Beyond Meat: A New Meatless Product

About a year ago, for environmental reasons, Clif and I decided to stop eating beef and pork. In addition, we don’t eat much fish or seafood—even though we love it—because we have come to believe that there is no way the oceans can sustainably feed so many people on this planet. 647 more words