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Message in a bottle

What finer way to finish a hard day’s work than by buying some bottles of rosé and some snacks, then heading down to the beach with some colleagues? 195 more words

"Bad Bitch".

I thought I had to be cold to be cool

P.S: Apologies for the amount of times the word ‘cool’ is used in here.

When I was preparing to become a fresher last year, and buying things like baby wipes and stationary, I was also practising my screw face and trying to deepen my voice. 1,098 more words

Real Life

To Be, To Do, To Me.

Mark: I suppose doing things you hate is just the price you pay to avoid loneliness.”

 Sectioned, Peep Show

There is a curious discrepancy between the concept of participating and the concept of peer pressure.

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No Joy - Hare Tarot Lies

There are systems for a reason in this world.

Economic stability, interest rates, growth. It’s not all a conspiracy to keep you in little boxes, alright? 43 more words