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How Peep Show showed us the horrible truth about life

Peep Show was an unadulterated work of comedy genius. This was partly down to the way it seemed to so perfectly capture the follies of living in 21st century Britain specifically, but more important was the way it articulated some of the horrible truths of human existence in general.  702 more words

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Peep Show Season 9 Review

“I’m not sick but I’m not well. And I’m so hot ’cause I’m in Hell”

So here it is I’m reviewing the last season (most likely) of Peep Show. 1,817 more words

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Peep Show Season 8 Review

“Mark: (So great that Dobby’s agreed to move in. Just gotta close the deal. Get her into the flat and keep her locked down like Fritzl. 1,442 more words

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Peep Show Season 7 Review

“Mark: Yeah, murdering your enemies is quite a simple solution. Which I guess is why in ethics and law it’s so frowned upon.”

Episode 1… 1,340 more words

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Peep Show Season 6 Review

Mark: She is very attractive. But brown rice and Pop Tarts? Chamomile tea and economy vodka? That’s a car crash of a shopping basket.” 1,493 more words

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Peep Show Season 5 Review

“Mark: (Great, it’s me protecting civilisation again while Jeremy has sex! If this was the war, I’d be getting shot by Rommel while he was in Paris getting a blowjob from a Nazi!)” 2,328 more words

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Peep Show Season 4 Review

“Mark: She’s good for me, Jez. She’s dragging me into the twenty-first century with its meaningless logos and ironic veneration of tyrants. It’s all good, my friend.” 2,585 more words

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