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Entrepreneurs read. In fact, they read a lot. Study published by Steve Siebold shows that while the middle class reads mostly novels and fiction books, entrepreneurs read books dedicated to business, biographies and self-growth books. 649 more words

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This 'Shark Tank' investment just made Mark Cuban a few million dollars richer

[CNBC] Billionaire Mark Cuban just added a few more dollars to his bank account.

In 2014, the business maverick and “Shark Tank” star invested $1.75 million for a stake in Boston-based obstacle course company 

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If You Read Between The Lines, Global Economic Leaders Are Telling Us Exactly What Is Coming, by Michael Snyder

Very few come right out and say what they mean anymore, but if you pay close attention, sometimes you can figure it out anyway. From Michael Snyder at theconomiccollapseblog.com: 388 more words


My 3Rs - Reflection

When I was younger the 3Rs represented basic school subjects Reading, Writing (‘riting) and Arithmetic (‘rithmetic) probably with origins in Colonial times. Yet it is apropos today in that I too use the 3Rs (albeit in a different context) in my investing strategy. 490 more words


Hijackers going Viral causes Airports going Virtual

Virtual Reality is coming to an Airport near you; and while you may see some of it in plain site…you also may not even know some of it’s there. 720 more words

The Birth Of A Star In Dallas: Dennis Smith Rookie Year Breakdown

With the Dallas Mavericks coming off a disappointing season finishing 13th in the western conference standings, their attention now is to compete in the western conference this upcoming season after landing Luka Doncic and Deandre Jordan. 683 more words

When Will the Dallas Mavericks' Sexual Harassment Investigation Be Released?

It has been nearly six months since Sports Illustrated published a lengthy exposé on a corrosive culture towards women in the Dallas Mavericks’ workplace, and the franchise has still not released the results of its investigation. 384 more words