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The New Reformers

You’ve heard about the “old” Reformers such as Luther, Calvin, and Zwingli. Their recovery of core biblical doctrines paved the way for what we call Protestantism. 1,117 more words


Pete Lackey on Voting No on David Platt at McLean Bible

A former teaching pastor at McLean Bible posts a video to his Facebook page on why he is voting no on David Platt.

Evangelical Issues

How To Kill A Church (via Mark Dever)

Mark Dever on the destructive influence of not having the Gospel preeminent and clear in the preaching.

…Martin Luther, when once asked why he was preaching on justification by faith alone for the twentieth time, he said it was because people didn’t remember it after the nineteenth.

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Sam Emadi's Disturbing 9 Marks Article Helps Explain Why Neo-Calvinism Struggles with Spiritual Abuse and Why One Should Expect More Scandals

A deeply disturbing article on 9 Marks illustrates why Neo-Calvinist churches are incubators for abuse and problems. First they have a warped view of membership and second they expect people to stay and ride out difficulties. 3,695 more words

Evangelical Issues

First Five Years 2017, 9 Marks Conference

Audio for the 9 Marks 2017 First Five Years Conference is available online.

From the website:

First Five Years is a 9Marks Conference meant to encourage and instruct new pastors.

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Compelling Community

In his book, Love in Hard Places, Don Carson tells us, “Ideally… the church itself is not made up of natural ‘friends.’ It is made up of natural enemies. 85 more words


Peter's Top 3 Ministry PodCasts

My favorite podcasts rank only below my books when it comes to finding likeminded friends and biblical encouragement. Being a big believer in networking,  I want to share with you the three podcasts that have shaped me and my ministry the most. 276 more words