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An Open Letter to Travis Jones (Military Chaplain Candidate Formerly of Acts 29's Remnant Church in Richmond, Virginia)

An open letter to Travis Jones. A young African-American man who is in the process of becoming a military chaplain for the US Army. This is a note expressing my thoughts and feelings on the situation with Remnant and my hopes as to where his life will go.  1,535 more words

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Mark Driscoll's The Trinity Church is Hosting Larry Osborne on January 16, 2018. Does the EFCA Take the Issue of Spiritual Abuse Seriously?

Mark Driscoll is hosting Larry Osborne at the Trinity Church in Scottsdale, Arizona on January 16, 2018. This is a quick post asking if the EFCA understands spiritual abuse. 1,051 more words

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Hope in a Dark World

Sunday, November 3, 2017 was like any other day with my family. We got up, had breakfast, and then went to church, and then came home and had lunch. 954 more words

9 Tips For Teaching Students

Teaching students the Bible can be hard work, but it is simply too important a task for us to take lightly. We can all improve on our speaking skills and work to get better at reaching the next generation with the gospel of Jesus Christ. 543 more words

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Pastor Mark Driscoll explains reality of sin, the centrality of Jesus Christ

Mark Driscoll has a series he does called “Best Sermon Ever”, where he invites other pastors to give their sermons. But today’s sermon really is the Best Sermon Ever, but it’s given by Mark Driscoll (sent to me by super-Wife McKenzie). 894 more words


Can I Have My Patheos Blog?

Mark Driscoll is now on Patheos.

Yep, that Mark Driscoll.

The one who built the Mars Hill empire out in Seattle and then ended it all in a horrific grease fire in late 2014, only to skip town, head to Phoenix and reboot.  120 more words


Mark Driscoll is Blogging at Patheos, Some Concerns About this Development

Mark Driscoll is back and writing again, but this time he is blogging for Patheos. This is a quick post about Mark writing again. Plus has he dealt with the issues from the implosion of Mars Hill Seattle? 1,567 more words

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