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The Free State Project Kicks Out Free Talk Live Host Ian Freeman Over His Support for Sexual Relations Between Teenagers and Adults

The Free State Project, a private organization that was founded by libertarian idealist Jason Sorens and subsequently organized in 2003 to bring libertarians to a state where they can gather as a community to promote economic and social activism, change economic and social policies, and unite all libertarians and freedom-loving individuals to foster and promote the ideas of liberty, chose the State of New Hampshire. 252 more words

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Free Talk Live's Ex-Co-Host Mark Edge Returns

Free Talk Live‘s very own former co-host Mark “Edge” Edgington returns to the show’s airwaves for good…..with very little fanfare. Ian claims that it’s because it was more of a “vacation” than a… 28 more words

Free Talk Live

My Latest Find

I’ve been following @chic_in_academia on Instagram since the day I joined Instagram. I was doing a little Instgram stalking of one of my favorite jewelry lines (obviously it’s Cayetano Legacy!) and couldn’t seem to get away from @chic_in_academia’s account, which led to me becoming obsessed with her… 155 more words