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The right place at the right time, Bleaklow by The Stranger

Most of my music is discovered on YouTube. I don’t have any streaming subscriptions and found there a greater network of lesser-known tracks posted on YouTube by artists and their fans. 521 more words

Capitalist Palliatives: Antidepressants, and How Not to Talk About Them

Vivek Santayana | March 30, 2018

A few weeks ago, the philosopher and literary critic Timothy Morton took a dig at his late colleague Mark Fisher, who committed suicide last year after a lifelong struggle with depression. 800 more words

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Looking Beyond Capitalism: An Introduction to my Blog

Hello and welcome to my blog, my name (or well alias) is black mage. I’m a political commentator who is interested in many topics ranging from economics to civil rights. 653 more words

Black Mage

Wash Out

America is nothing but the West, and that’s the land of the dead. No sign here of a new world – let alone a New World Order. 1,641 more words

Cthelllic Tendrils

Follow the plummeting line downwards, Professor Barker tells us, past the rigid lithosphere where the tectonic plates crush together in howling grind, beyond the asthenosphere’s lurid flux of solid and molten matter, and downwards still through the mesosphere where this flux becomes chaotic, battered by seismic shockwaves and the pressure builds to insanity. 1,401 more words

On Taking the Time to Perceive, Think, Write, and Share as Self-Preservation

“Nostalgia is the critic’s heroin”

-Mark Fisher, k-punk, January 13 2005.

“What are the words you do not yet have? What do you need to say?” 1,012 more words