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Reflections on the Privatisation of Mental Health

Allen Ginsberg’s (1984) poem, Howl, famously begins with the line:

‘I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness.’

What we should glean from Ginsberg is that mental health is not simply an interior, it’s not an affliction of the deeper, inner, soul as much as a symptom of the society we live in. 2,110 more words


Research Poster Competition Entry Jan 2016

Entry for the annual Brighton University Research Poster Competition, displayed at the competition exhibition.

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Is suicide a voluntary act?

I recently presented this work to a group of artists and asked for responses. Broadly speaking, half responded that mental illness was the cause of suicide; that an individual driven by mental torment is unable to control their suicidal actions; and therefore suicide is not a voluntary act. 390 more words

The Phantoms of Culpability

“The sensation of the eerie occurs when there is something present where there should be nothing, or there is nothing present when there should be something….In the case of the failure of absence, the question concerns the particular nature of the agent at work. 1,391 more words

And In My Eyes, Too

Mark Fisher Plumbs New Depths, Explores Uncharted Territories in "The Weird and The Eerie"

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My dear unknown friend,

Here once again we will make a slight change of course but as William de Kooning once said, … 1,856 more words


Mark Fisher's Magical Voluntarism and Individualist Spiritualism in Japan

Once taking Mark Fisher’s module on Lacanian voice theory at Goldsmiths, I was shocked and saddened by the news of his death. Until that time I did not know that he suffered from depression and wrote about mental illness with the concept of Magical Voluntarism by a British therapist David Smail: “the belief that it is within every individual’s power to make themselves whatever they want to be” and “the belief that everything, including the material universe itself, is subject to individual will.” 1,027 more words