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Speculative Micro-Utopias: Mark Fisher and Justin Barton 'Londonunderlondon' installation at Corsica Studios

This one-off event at Corsica Studios, London, was held on 20th September, featuring a curated pairing of installation and live music. Corsica Studios is a small venue, with two rooms and just enough space for a fairly small, but involved crowd. 1,059 more words


a thank you

Written for the FAAH degree show catalogue, whilst I was a junior fellow in the art department. From June.


This show is a celebration; a celebration of the final year group’s ability to collaborate and to be kind in times of hardship. 283 more words

Reliving the Twentieth Century in HD

One of the common quips about the movie industry is that it’s all descended into sequels and remakes.  Yet paradoxically, this is what audiences continue to go to.  1,166 more words

I am an Evil Marxist, and this helps my recovery.

I am an evil Marxist.

When I was seriously unwell I made the mistake of entering into a conversation with a neighbour.  He is a landlord, and I think he worked in the financial sector once, and I wouldn’t make conversation with him through choice, but try to maintain mannered small talk when he speaks to me. 1,546 more words

re: a truly Promethean feminism

The changes associated with the re-imagining of social reproduction, for example, are not seen as an endpoint in and of themselves, but are presented as one crucial field of operations in a series of other radical alterations in lived experience. 86 more words


Matt Bianco: Gravity

It’s only been 7 months since Mark Fisher’s death, and we already have new Matt Bianco album. I didn’t know what to think about that. For me, Matt Bianco meant Mark Fisher’s catchy keyboard harmonies and Mark Reilly’s characteristic voice (I know, there was a different Matt Bianco with Danny and Basia, but that never did it for me). 379 more words

Matt Bianco

Matt Bianco To Release New Album 'Gravity'

80’s group Matt Bianco, led by singer/songwriter Mark Reilly are to release their first album since the tragic death of co-leader Mark Fisher last year. 113 more words