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Mike Rinder, Scientology PI David Lebow in Spokane Running Black Ops Against the McClaughry's

I actually only came across this recently quite unexpectedly when I was looking for something else.

In the comments section of Mark Rathbun’s blog of Mark’s post titled: … 3,976 more words

All That Spy Stuff

konkrittles #19 - Nur in air quotes reden

Geld. Ha. Als ich 18 war und noch einen funktionierenden Drucker hatte, damals, als das Wort »Heuschrecke« durch die Politikressorts der damals noch ein bisschen wertvolleren Tageszeitungen raschelte, als wäre das nicht ziemlich mieser antisemitischer Jargon, ja. 1,001 more words


Mark Fisher on #piggate and the death of British satire

Hug a Tory

‘From the early records of Greek and Latin slang, where were used to describe the female genitalia through to modern uses of ‘pig’ to mock the police, the fascist and the male chauvinist, pigs seems to have borne the brunt of our rage, fear, affection and desire for the ‘low’. 2,194 more words


That joke isn't funny anymore: on satire, nostalgia and class

I recently encountered an article by Mark Fisher about satire and class, which are two subjects I’m quite interested in. However, I’m also quite sceptical of some of the arguments he makes, so I thought it was worth examining why. 1,830 more words

Bit More Thinky

EdBookFest: Mark Fisher & Joyce McMillan

Jackie McGlone introduces two of Scotland’s ‘finest and busiest’ theatre critics and states that she’s happy to be on stage with two of the people she’s worked with for years. 808 more words

Edinburgh (a prologue)

Three weeks ago Mark Fisher (The Guardian) told me I should go to Edinburgh. I imagine it to be like Winchester with shabbier and more intoxicated people. 281 more words