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The Twelve Visions Political Party

Members of the Neothink Society subscribe to the Neothink philosophy brought forward through Mark Hamilton’s many books, which include Happiness Forever and A Future of Wealth Belongs to You. 151 more words

Mark Hamilton

Five Years Ago Today: June 3, 2011

NOTE: As we all remember very well, 2011 was ultimately a special season for the Cardinals. And, since AMF began five years ago, we have the opportunity to take a look back at our coverage from that time. 229 more words

Matt Carpenter

Two Books for Followers of Neothink to Read

The Neothink Society was founded by economist, activist, and orator Mark Hamilton. Also a published author, Mark Hamilton supports the organization by publishing educational resources for members to read. 132 more words

Mark Hamilton

Neothink Visions Book May 17, 2016

Vision Eleven is an exciting vision because it seems hard to believe that the President of the United States could simply change the federal budget and cause massive wealth for each individual.   193 more words


5-13-2016 The Friday Night Mentor Call

Chapter 68 from pp.666-672 was presented as a Casted Call in a theatre setting: Rubel read Jake & Jeremiah, Rosa read Angie/Ziggy & Samantha, Bill read Daniel/Jesse & Bruce, Linda read Mr.Melbourne & Rico, and Elaine read Al and Narrator. 150 more words


Neothink Business Alliance Supports Connections and Innovation

An experienced political activist with a background in business, economics, psychology, and self-improvement, Mark Hamilton has reached audiences in more than 200 countries worldwide as the founder of the Neothink Society. 174 more words

Mark Hamilton

May 3, 2016 - Neothink Vision Ten

What can these visions of author, Mark Hamilton, lead to?  Success, personal success!  Shouldn’t the goal of all societies be to ensure the success of each individual in their communities?   203 more words