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By Loretta Fulton

“You were a stranger in the land of Egypt.”

“You were an alien in their land.”

Why does God insist on saying that? 466 more words

Stumpf attends National Security Seminar at U.S. Army War College

Sanford’s Ty Stumpf was one of 160 business, government, academic, and community leaders selected from across the nation to attend a prestigious National Security Seminar… 236 more words

Lee County NC

Neothink Business Alliance - Unlocking Free Market Potential

Mark Hamilton guides the Neothink Society and oversees an organization that stands at the forefront of many of the issues facing society today, from politics to human health. 153 more words

Mark Hamilton

Three Money-Saving Tips for Visiting the Grand Canyon

An economics graduate of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Mark Hamilton is the author of the Neothink Manuscripts, a collection of writings focused on subjects like economics, politics, religion, and business. 220 more words

Mark Hamilton

Ideal - Ayn Rand's Posthumous Novel

Mark Hamilton founded Neothink, which includes writings and philosophies on a wide range of subjects. One of the authors who inspired Mark Hamilton in the creation of Neothink was… 153 more words

Mark Hamilton

Grand Canyon Skywalk Gets Cleaned in 2016

Mark Hamilton is the founder and owner of the Neothink Society, which was inspired by the work of his father, scientist Frank Wallace. Beyond his work with Neothink, Mark Hamilton contributed to the… 121 more words

Mark Hamilton

Mark Hamilton Financial Backer for the Grand Canyon Skywalk

As the founder of Neothink, Mark Hamilton is best known for his ideas and theories surrounding politics, economics, religion, health, and other subjects. A fan of architecture, Mark Hamilton sought to meet and develop a friendship with David Jin after seeing the architect’s plan for a bridge made of glass stretched out over the… 108 more words

Mark Hamilton