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Transitioning from “Following Mode” to Self Leadership with Neothink

The founder of the Neothink system, author and philosopher Mark Hamilton leads an organization focused on evolving human society and enabling people to achieve happiness and financial success. 131 more words

Mark Hamilton

“The Prime Cure” - Toward a Future of True Scientific Progress

A noted American economist and political thinker, Mark Hamilton heads the Neothink Society and has written dozens of well-received books on topics from philosophy to the division of labor. 160 more words

Mark Hamilton

Yes, We Create Our Own Futures

The key word , Create, there is no voodoo or mysticism, it is out right to know who we are via our Friday Night Essences and being Self-Leaders. 86 more words

Jesus’ Teachings as a Path toward Human Consciousness

Mark Hamilton has led the Neothink Society for 35 years and authored books on diverse philosophic, business, and political issues. A sizable number of Mark Hamilton’s Neothink works draw focus on the Old and New Testament and the way in which the events of the Bible, from Abraham to the exodus of the Jews, represent an evolution from a bicameral “follower” mentality toward individual choice and decisions. 126 more words

Mark Hamilton

Living a Life with Pure Love and Honesty

My Neothink journey has taught me the understanding and value of living with:

Pure Honesty on my lips.


Today I live with Pure Love in my heart. 30 more words

Living My Life In A Self-Leader Mode


This is Digger Fagan and I want to address a major breakthrough for me that The Neothink Society helped me to capture.

While reading the Neothink Prime Literature, I receive a Euphoric moment. 99 more words

Activities at the Grand Canyon West

A graduate of the University of Nevada, Mark Hamilton is the creator and owner of the Neothink Society. Outside of his professional work with Neothink, Mark Hamilton is a financial backer of the Grand Canyon Skywalk at the Grand Canyon West. 119 more words

Mark Hamilton