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Are there enough rooms for 400,000 cycling race visitors?

RICHMOND, Va. — In just six months, several hundred thousand people are expected to visit the Richmond area for the 2015 World cycling championships.

“If we get 400,000 people, we will triple the population of the city of Richmond,” said Charles Samuels, 2nd District city councilman. 484 more words


HOLMBERG: Meteorite in the James River? Finder is wishing upon a star.

RICHMOND, Va. — Arthur Capuano of Petersburg still believes it’s a 220-pound meteorite that he pulled out of the James River in downtown Richmond two years ago. 326 more words


HOLMBERG: Richmond area tapping into the ancient art of snow sculpture

RICHMOND, Va. — Making art and structure out of snow and ice is fun and pretty easy, as we can see from the many images of snowmen, snowwomen and assorted other creatures and things shaped during the past two deluxe snowfalls. 297 more words


HOLMBERG: Richmond Department of Public Works property not up to code?

RICHMOND, Va. — During the last snowstorm, I wandered through the city Department of Public Works Parker Field Operations Center as workers there got ready for the evening’s plowing. 759 more words


Homeless man and his dog getting some love and a GoFundMe campaign

RICHMOND, Va. — When it comes to homeless people flying signs on Richmond street corners, few get as much attention as John McNealy.

Not only is he in a prime spot – the corner of Elwood and Thompson in the upscale Carytown shopping district – he has become known for his faithful dog, Amanda, and the devotion and care he gives her. 757 more words


HOLMBERG: Blighted former Ashland gathering spot shines anew as a restaurant

ASHLAND, Va. — For the better part of 30 years, Jacob “Jake” Speers’ old  gas station and dry goods store on the western edge of Ashland was a an eyesore. 612 more words


HOLMBERG: Will Virginia finally get a state song it deserves?

RICHMOND, Va. — Oh, sing a song of Virginia!

One our delegates can sing, or at least hum. Or maybe just one that they can agree upon! 343 more words