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Review: Blink-182's "Wildfire"

By Zoe Miguel-Nixon

Listen to “Wildfire” here

“The underdogs came home.” The last line of the new Blink tune rings so true. As the band describes it, it combines the best of “Enema of the State” and “California”, giving it the classic Blink-182 touch of rebellion with lyrics like, “I don’t forget, I don’t forgive, I’ll never change the way I live, I always fought the urge to fall in line.” Yet, keeping in tune with the growing up done in California, they show a maturity of owning up to mistakes while fighting the thought and inevitability of getting older. 85 more words

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Box Car Racer release 15th Anniversary Vinyl in time for Record Store Day

You know those bands that come out of nowhere, release one album, then fuck off never to be seen or heard from again? Well that’s pretty much the story of… 240 more words


Download a New blink-182 song for Free

Time is drawing closer to the release of blink-182’s new album deluxe edition of California and the guys are wanting to get you in the mood for it by dropping new songs all over the place. 108 more words


Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus On Aliens: “[Tom Can Bring] Me All The Proof In The World And I’d Just Go…”

… “Nah, I don’t believe it.”

In an interview with an unknown source, Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus said even with all the proof in the world (provided by Tom DeLonge), he still wouldn’t believe aliens existed. 16 more words


Emo Nite LA is Coming!

By: Amanda Meyer//

Whether or not you’d like to admit it, we all went through an “emo” phase at some point in our lives. Some may hide their emo past with a newfound love for indie or rap music, but some of us, myself included, are still very much in their emo music phase and have no reason to leave it behind. 285 more words

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Tom DeLonge Is Back In Blink-182, Band Are Now A Quartet


Not really a surprise if we’re honest! Tom DeLonge is back in Blink-182, the band have now become a quartet.

*Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker, Matt Skiba & DeLonge! 77 more words


Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus Says He’s Spoken To Tom DeLonge A Couple Times

Photo Credit: Brendan Hoffman / Getty Images

In a new interview with Maxim, Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus said he’s spoken to Tom DeLonge a couple of times – which is nice to hear. 170 more words