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Wielander, "Christian Values in Communist China"

The rise of Christianity as a social force in China (unlike the decline of Christianity as a social force in the West) is an underreported story. 261 more words

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Dowd, "Christianity, Islam, and Liberal Democracy"

Across the continent of Africa, Christianity and Islam are growing rapidly, side by side. The conventional wisdom is the two religions are destined for bloody conflict. 242 more words

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Kumar, "Radical Equality"

Stanford University Press has released¬†Radical Equality: Ambedkar, Gandhi, and the Risk of Democracy, by Aishwary Kumar (Stanford). The publisher’s description follows:

B.R. Ambedkar, the architect of India’s constitution, and M.K. 193 more words

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Schindler & Healy, "Freedom, Truth and Human Dignity"

The concept of human dignity features prominently in international human rights law, including the law on religious freedom. The word bears many different meanings, though, which is one reason why human rights law is so complicated and varied. 216 more words

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Halbertal, "Maimonides: Life and Thought"

This month, Princeton University Press releases¬†Maimonides: Life and Thought, by Moshe Halbertal (NYU). The publisher’s description follows:

Maimonides was the greatest Jewish philosopher and legal scholar of the medieval period, a towering figure who has had a profound and lasting influence on Jewish law, philosophy, and religious consciousness. 210 more words

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Walter Russell Mead on Mideast Christians

In the Wall Street Journal, the Hudson Institute’s Walter Russell Mead had a bracing piece on the current crisis facing Mideast Christians. The piece is a version of the remarks he gave at the Hudson Institute conference… 389 more words