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OK. Here is more from the chapter.

But how do you develop this capacity for showmanship? Well, we’ll come to that but first, here are a few general tips: 660 more words

Giant Fan

I thought this would amuse the multitude. What I do is split a deck of cards in half and weave the two ends together to make a giant fan. 40 more words


I am no social media enthusiast but lately I have been amused by something called Pinterest. I have posted quite a few photos and videos of my trade show work there and intend to post even more. 37 more words

Trade Show

Interview: Mark Lewis

Mark Lewis’s paintings and drawings develop frequently (but not exclusively) out of direct observation of his surroundings. His collaged paintings and drawings, which together comprise a significant and long-running aspect of his studio activities, are simultaneously bold in their composition and intricate in their execution. 1,746 more words


Advice for Magicians

I haven’t written anything for  a couple of weeks as I have been touring Western Canada with my hypnotism show. Now that I  have returned I can’t think of a thing to write about! 873 more words

More Eddie Tullock

I found one more clip of Eddie Tullock. He is doing an office demonstration in the first part of the clip then later you see him working live at a trade show.

Trade Show