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More of Mark Lewis in Action

In my last post I showed a clip of me in action at a trade show. Here is more from the same presentation.Note how a magician can make prospects laugh and relax thus breaking the ice and making it easier to sell to them.

More Mark Lewis in Action

In my last entry I showed a clip of me working at a trade show. Here is more from the same performance. This shows how a magician can relax potential prospects, make them laugh and make them easier to sell to once the ice has been broken:


Street Magic

Here I am entertaining the multitude in the street at the Late Night Thursday event in Oakville. I have been performing every Thursday night through August and September. 19 more words

Still more on gathering a crowd.

Here are some methods that I don’t use personally but I am quite sure they work. An old pitchman’s trick is to start mumbling to yourself. 498 more words

Magical article by a journalism student.

A few years ago a young Vietnamese journalism student named Mai Nguyen was given an assignment to write an article about a Toronto magician.  She was supposed to focus on one particular magician. 1,219 more words

How to Gather a Crowd

There are many different methods that a trade show magician can use to gather a crowd. Some are more subtle than others. I have seen a few quite brash methods that I don’t think fit a company image very well so I prefer to avoid them. 430 more words

Character and persona.

Young magicians often ask me what is the most important part of being a good magician. I would say unhesitatingly that it is nothing to do with the trick. 200 more words