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(w) Mark Millar, (p) Greg Capullo, (i) Jonathan Glapion, (c) FCO Plascencia

Mark Millar is one the more polarizing figures in comics. 667 more words


Reading diary, #42

Well, the promised catch-up with female authors didn’t exactly happen, so 2016 ended with male authors just slightly ahead of female authors. Women will probably take back the lead in 2017. 1,517 more words


Nemesis (Marvel/Icon)

Rating: 3/5 – The Art Saves a Story Intended to Shock Me, but Never Did.
By ComicSpectrum senior reviewer Shawn Hoklas.

This past week I didn’t get my normal delivery of comics and even though my backlog of new comics to read is pretty huge, I decided to pull a hardcover off the shelf that may have been sitting there for too long without ever being read. 643 more words


Reborn #3

The third issue of this series introduces us to the more darker elements of…the Dark Lands. We also find out that Bonnie’s strengths are growing. We see that the Faeries were indirectly involved with Bonnie and her father being captured and being sent to Il Mago. 187 more words


Reborn #2

CaM struck a home run with the second issue. More of my questions were answered and why Bonnie came to Adystria is established. We meet more (but not) all of the important characters and people I wondered about. 637 more words


Reborn #1

I admit that I only picked up this series because of Greg Capullo’s pencils. The man is a comics super star. His work goes back to the 90s. 813 more words


Captain America: Civil War [2016]

A while ago I posted a list of films I’d seen and not reviewed, offering to get down to it on any that were of real interest, and Maksim asked me to “go deep” on Civil War. 1,565 more words