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Adventures of Superman 574 - Obsession proves her love

Immonen, Millar, Joe Phillips and Rich Faber bring back Obsession in Adventures of Superman 574 (Jan. 00).

The story takes place shortly after Superman was spotted wearing his wedding ring.  139 more words

DC Comics

Adventures of Superman 573 - Superman saves a house

The storyline about Luthor wanting to tear down old Mr. Odetts house comes to a climax in Adventures of Superman 573 (Dec. 99), by Immonen, Mark Millar, Steve Epting and Rodier.  103 more words

Super Crooks: The Heist – Mark Millar

Like Nemesis this is a self-contained story reminiscent of Millar’s 2000AD roots. There isn’t the originality of Wanted or the scope of The Authority but that doesn’t detract from what is an incredibly entertaining read. 59 more words

Graphic Novel

Heroes Never Rust #104: A Final Note

Heroes Never Rust #104 by Sean Ironman

A Final Note

With Marvel 1985 issue six, no reader will be surprised when Toby returns to the real world with the Marvel heroes, and the villains are soon defeated. 952 more words

Heroes Never Rust

Mark Millar's Huck

Super star comic creator Mark Milar’s latest creation is Huck. Huck is a small town low key hero who does one good deed a day and always seems to go unnoticed. 52 more words

Comic Books

Kingsman: The Secret Service (Review)

Kingsman is not a book (now a film) that could exist without James Bond. The entire book is built upon the mythos that Fleming popularised, of the suave secret agent who is incredibly charming and incredibly deadly. 1,281 more words


Jupiter's Circle Issue 1 Free Download

So if you don’t know, comic book writer Mark Millar started a series in 2013 called Jupiter’s Legacy, about the generational conflict between a group of aging superheroes and their offspring, and how it reflects the realities of the American dream over the many decades. 263 more words