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Millar's Hits Keep Coming!

Hot on the heels of our previous article which reported on the new Kick-Ass series from Mark Millar, the talented scribe just keeps them coming out with the announcement of an ongoing series about Mindy better known as Hit-Girl which will be penned by Millar himself and none other than Mr Kevin Smith in a future arc!

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Image's Turn to Kick Ass!

In 2018, 10 years after its original release, Mark Miller and John Romita Jr will be bringing us a New Kick Ass comic book which will be published under the Image imprint and not Marvel, as it had been previously.

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Comic book industry reacts to Netflix and Mark Miller’s announced collaboration

Netflix announced that they’re taking a jab at publishing comics. The Industry is now commenting on it.

In the past month, the streaming website Netflix announced that they had bought the rights for comic book giant and Scotland’s own Mark Miller’s line of comics, Millerworld. 216 more words

Mark Millar Announces First Project Under Netflix Banner

Yesterday Mark  Millar the talented scribe behind comics such as Kickass and Wanted officially posted an announcement and link to an exclusive report and interview with Entertainment Weekly offering insight into the very first project since selling Millarworld to Netflix back in August of this Year.

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Mountains of aid containers are piling up in Puerto Rico and may still not reach storm survivors for days

Thousands of cargo containers bearing millions of emergency meals and other relief supplies have been piling up on San Juan’s docks since Saturday. The mountains of materiel may not reach storm survivors for days. 953 more words


Kingsman: The Golden Circle Movie Review

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

I came late to the Kingsman party, this was a Mark Miller comic that I wasn’t aware of. As a result I didn’t see the first instalment at the cinema, from the trailers I had determined it to be another cheesy action film that wouldn’t be as good as Bond. 503 more words