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DEVO: The Brand / DEVO: Unmasked Book

The art-punk pioneers Devo have today announced that they will be releasing a brand new book set which looks to chronicle the band’s influences, inspirations and in turn the huge amount of influence and inspiration their output has given. 302 more words


DEVO - " Girl U Want " Classic Single

Devo! As well as being quirky, retro-futuristic, geeky, new-wave heroes, could also write a mean and truly intelligent pop song. “Girl U Want”  was the first released single from their 1980 album  397 more words


Brad's Status

Mike White continues his perceptive examination of the angst and confusion of men and women entering the dangerous transitional period of middle life in the wonderful… 592 more words

Thor: Ragnarok Review

If you’ve been watching the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU for short) films, it’s been no secret that the Thor franchise has always been like that kid at lunch nobody wanted to sit with. 1,040 more words


THOR RAGNAROK – Mark Mothersbaugh

Original Review by Jonathan Broxton

Thor Ragnarok is, quite astonishingly, the seventeenth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the fifth in Marvel’s Phase 3 series, and the third film focusing on the character Thor, the Norse God of Thunder. 2,289 more words



Mark Mothersbaugh, is a composer that has worked steadily over a period of many years, I first noticed his name on the opening credits to animated series such as RUGRATS, years ago, but his career began long before that as the composer worked on low budget movies such as REVENGE OF THE NERDS ll, SLAUGHTER HOUSE ROCK, and episodes of The Pee Wee Hermann show, Mothersbaugh is a composer who has an impressive list of credits to his name, but also sadly is a composer that is not a name that is regularly discussed amongst collectors of film and TV music, I was always impressed by his musical prowess and his adaptability whilst he worked on THE RUGRATS as his music would often change direction, style and sound over 30 times in one episode the composer altering his style and approach and being highly inventive and creative writing music to suit every situation in the sometimes 5 or 10 minute episode. 635 more words