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Episode 14: Bonus Mystery Outtake Show #1

A fun collection of outtakes from the rambling Devo two-parter. Some tasty tidbits I had to cut for time constraints or Michael just went tangental on me…Featuring host Douglas Arthur and guest Michael Noble of Cliqueclack.com.

Episode 14


Episode 13: The Truth About Devolution, Part 2

Part two of our rousing two part discussion about Devo! Featuring your host Douglas Arthur and guest Michael Noble of Cliqueclack.com!

Episode 13


Episode 12: The Truth About Devolution Part 1

Part one of a two-part episode discussing the history of America’s favorite devolutionary band: DEVO! Host Douglas Arthur is joined by Michael Noble of Cliqueclack.com for a rousing romp through the ephemera of the most unlikely rock superstars of the early 80’s to come out of Akron, Ohio! Duty now, spuds! Episode 12


Mark Mothersbaugh

“Anita’s First Boyfriend” (2004), corrected photograph, edition four of twenty, 11 x 11 in.

“In a body of work spanning over 30 years, Mark Mothersbaugh presents a unique combination of cultural criticism and personal expression through his drawings, films, paintings, sculpture, and music. 36 more words


073/100: SPUD

100 days of stampmaking, day 73: spud. had to make another devo stamp (the first being the energy dome from a few weeks back) – today i got tickets to attend a… 17 more words


B007 Ep 95: Pitch Perfect 2

An 8 minute spoiler free review of Pitch Perfect 2 starring Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Elizabeth Banks and Hailee Seinfeld.  The musical comedy picks up with the Barden Bella’s banned from defending their American Acapella Championship title unless they can beat the German team at the World Finals. 42 more words


036/100: ENERGY DOME

100 days of stampmaking, day 36: energy dome. a quick stamp of devo’s iconic headwear that originated during the ‘freedom of choice‘ years. 234 more words