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So, I've read this...

Joy: Poet, Seeker, and the Woman Who Captivated CS Lewis by Abigail Santamaria.

My thoughts in brief:

  • I didn’t like Joy. At first, there were things to like.
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Podcast Primer

If you’re thinking about podcasts(and we admit you probably weren’t until we mentioned it), then you might find this program of interest.

Sitting in for the vacationing Colin McEnroe, … 94 more words


Vaccines: Blind faith at the Washington Post on Paul Offit’s Bad Faith

After the New York Times eviscerated Paul Offit’s new book, Bad Faith: How Religious Belief Undermines Modern Medicine, the world of journalism was on notice that something was seriously amiss with Offit’s faith-based case for vaccination — at the very least that his word could not be taken as Gospel. 351 more words

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New York Times eviscerates Paul Offit

In his review of Paul Offit’s new book, “Bad Faith,” New York Times columnist Mark Oppenheimer slams Offit’s reasoning and scholarship, likening the book to “a fervent attack job is thinly sourced and poorly researched, seeming at times as if he began with a conclusion and then went in search of evidence.” 366 more words

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Cell Phones: A Hindrance or an Asset to Our Social Lives…

Gary Turk and Mark Oppenheimer couldn’t be further apart when it comes to cell phone usage. Turk thinks everyone should put their smart phones down and… 749 more words

Read to write – and enjoy

Reading is one of my greatest pleasures, and I suspect it is one of yours, too. It’s my treat to myself after I’ve completed the day’s work. 374 more words

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The Hero's Journey of Michael Shermer?

Is Michael Shermer making that difficult and rare transformation from debunker to proper skeptic? His latest article in Scientific American indicates yes. Notice how I did not say “from debunker to believer,” because that would be a wrong move. 282 more words

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