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10-Minute Tailgate Tour, Ep. 056: Smart Faces Off Against Mentor

This is a championship edition of Mark Owens’ 10-Minute Tailgate Tour.

In it, we spend a lot of time recapping New Years Eve and the Rose Bowl, where the Georgia Bulldogs came from behind to beat Oklahoma in one of the most entertaining college football games of all time. 44 more words


Mark Owens' 10-Minute Tailgate Tour, Ep. 042: Kirby Talks QB Situation & Please No Blackout!

Mark is back with another 10 min. Tailgate Tour with the latest from the QB battle in Athens.

We kick things off talking about the Mizzou game kickoff time set for Homecoming and why calling for a “blackout” is not a good idea. 35 more words


Mark's 10-Minute Tailgate Tour, Ep. 041: YOU'RE BOO'ING THE WRONG TEAM!!

In Ep. 41 of the 10. Min Tailgate Tour, Mark gets a little preachy.

Mark fresh off vacation talks about immature UGA fans acting like fools. 21 more words


Mark Owens' 10 Min. Tailgate Tour The REAL Ep. 040! Do Dawg fans have it wrong?

Mark messed up, and it was brought to his attention that his numbering system is off. So we offer the REAL Episode 40 of the 10-minute Tailgate Tour. 25 more words


Mark Owens' Tailgate Tour Ep. 037: Depression, Sadness and Narcs in Athens

Mark is back with the latest 10 Min Tailgate Tour with a recap of Georgia vs App. State in game 1.

This is not a deep breakdown of Georgia’s win over App. 62 more words


Vegas: Why Downtown Is Better Than The Strip

This weekend I take my annual trip to Las Vegas for 72 hours of gambling, cheap food, booze and what will inevitably include a call to my wife to beg for more money. 588 more words


Harney County's Water Future: MESA and LESA Irrigation Systems

Uncertainties about water sustainability in Harney County are causing some ranchers to examine more efficient ways to irrigate alfalfa and hay crops.

Mark Owens went further. 926 more words

Harney County Water Future