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13 Reasons Why: Season One

Review by CJ

Tom McCarthy, Helen Shaver, Kyle Patrick Alvarez, Gregg Araki, Carl Franklin, Jessica Yu

Jay Asher (based on the book by), Brian Yorkey, Diana Son, Thomas Higgins, Nic Sheff, Elizabeth Benjamin, Kirk A. 498 more words


All Along The Watchtower – Supernatural’s Season 12 Finale

I was so exuberant over Supernatural’s penultimate episode of the season that I went into the finale episode already an emotional wreck – in the very best of ways. 3,361 more words


TV Brew - Supernatural Season 12 Review

Real Talk Time: This season of Supernatural was, in some ways, all over the place. We had dropped threads: Is Dean Death or not? What the hell happened with Billie? 1,016 more words

TV Talk

TV Review: Supernatural (Season 12, 2016-2017)

Alright, look – this is season 12. You should know by now what to expect: Dean is the better actor, Sam gets into more trouble, Castiel doesn’t understand humans and Crowley is a loveable jerk. 598 more words

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Wait, Is That Eileen?? Supernatural 12.21

The past week has been a whirlwind, much of it Supernatural-related, and now I’m writing this from family vacation, so my review of last week’s episode is influenced by the context in which I watched the show and the fact that right now my feet are up and it’s a sunny spring day in San Francisco. 2,746 more words


Dean Winchester and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day – Supernatural ‘The Future’

It has taken me another 24 hours to figure out why I had such a strong emotional reaction to this episode – and to give the episode more props for where it intended to take me even if I didn’t enjoy the ride. 6,388 more words