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Let's talk about the Winchesters

As all you know that I love Supernatural and everything about it/them I found about this book called Family don’t end with blood, which is kind a quote from a show, and of course I had to have it. 107 more words

Heartstring Tugs and Badass Acrobatics - Supernatural 13.02 ‘The Rising Son’

The second episode of Supernatural’s 13th Season kept up the momentum we began with the season premiere. There was a bit more exposition than I might have liked, and a bit of that jumping around that sometimes jars me, but there were also some intense and emotional scenes – which is what I like the most about this show. 2,830 more words


Supernatural's Mark Pellegrino Teases Lucifer and Mary's 'Old Married Couple' Vibe, 'Contention' With New Michael

What’s Satan’s worst nightmare? For Supernatural‘s Lucifer, it’s being separated from his son in an apocalyptic alternate dimension, while his foes Dean and Sam play parents to his offspring 899 more words


Mark Pellegrino on 'Supernatural' Season 13's Unlikely Alliances and Lucifer as a 'Fish Out of Water'

The CW’s long-running demon hunting drama “Supernatural” first introduced Lucifer in its fifth season, which culminated with the fallen angel entering Sam Winchester’s (Jared Padalecki) vessel, beating his brother Dean (Jensen Ackles) bloody, and jumping back into the pit to return to Hell. 1,009 more words


TV Brew: Supernatural - Lost and Found

It’s season thirteen and we open with Metallica showing just the level of hell the Winchesters have been through and how many people they’ve lost and it’s awful. 466 more words

TV Talk

Supernatural Fascination

If you’ve never heard of this show you have literally been living under a rock for the last TWELVE YEARS! I started from the very beginning of this show on Netflix at the beginning of the summer and finished all 12 seasons about a month ago. 908 more words


Supernatural : The Devil in the Details - 2016

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