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Salute to Supernatural Nashville - Saturday Night Special Featuring Louden Swain

I cannot say this plainly enough: The Saturday Night Special is Special because of Louden Swain.

Yes, I enjoy the special guests. Yes, I miss it when guests aren’t at the convention and therefore not at the concert. 1,215 more words

Jensen Ackles

Salute to Supernatural - Nashville 2017 Ain't Nothing Better Than Flowers In May

Nashcon was extra fun because I got to spend it with my friend Kim, who takes gorgeous photos and doesn’t mind when I drool over them over her shoulder every evening as she’s hard at work in our hotel room. 2,579 more words

Misha Collins

Catching Up

You often don’t get enough time to catch up on your favourite TV shows, especially when working in the art industry and often its never-ending work hours. 79 more words

Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell – Supernatural 12.15

Last week’s episode of Supernatural had something that never fails to make me a very happy fan indeed: The Winchesters listening to each other and trusting each other and telling each other the truth. 1,791 more words


'When You Are Done...'

Remember in the previous Supernatural convention posts how I talked about not sleeping because I was so excited…and nervous…and a giant bag of “holy shnikes this is gonna be the best experience EVER?!” Remember that? 1,202 more words


Lethal Weapon 3 (1992)

Murtaugh and Riggs team up for another adventure in the LA police.

This time, they are busted down to patrol duty after accidentally blowing up a building. 385 more words


Catching Up On Cons: Supernatural Jacksonville 2017

I’m seriously behind on everything, including my con coverage for 2017. Between trying to finish up the new book (which I’m ridiculously excited about – have you pre-ordered your copy yet??? 4,465 more words