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What Is Happening?? Lynn and Nightsky Live on Supernatural 'Devil's Bargain'

Last week Lynn and Nightsky (from the Winchester Family Business) were at an academic conference on Popular Culture, giving carefully prepared papers on (what else?) Supernatural and moderating panels and generally working our butts off. 4,532 more words


Lynn and Kim talk Supernatural and its ‘Various and Sundry Villains’

I haven’t seen so much commentary on a Supernatural episode – and not just by the big outlets who routinely cover the show – in a long time. 7,292 more words


TV Brew: Supernatural Mid-Season Review

First and foremost this show has done a great job making us fall in love with Jack. I said it in the premiere review but it bears repeating: Alexander Calvert is casting gold. 653 more words

TV Talk

Let's talk about the Winchesters

As all you know that I love Supernatural and everything about it/them I found about this book called Family don’t end with blood, which is kind a quote from a show, and of course I had to have it. 107 more words

Dinner with Mark Pellegrino

I originally had this article published on Get Your Gorgeous On

A couple of years ago Mark Pellegrino and his wife did a significant Supernatural (TV series) tour Down Under, taking in some parts of New Zealand during that time. 588 more words

Heartstring Tugs and Badass Acrobatics - Supernatural 13.02 ‘The Rising Son’

The second episode of Supernatural’s 13th Season kept up the momentum we began with the season premiere. There was a bit more exposition than I might have liked, and a bit of that jumping around that sometimes jars me, but there were also some intense and emotional scenes – which is what I like the most about this show. 2,830 more words