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The Art of Restarting Horses by Mark Rashid

In his new book, The Art of Restarting Horses–internationally acclaimed horseman, Mark Rashid, says that horses who received inadequate training the first time around need to be restarted before they can become “willing partners” for  human beings. 966 more words

Horse Training

Listen Up October 23, 2016

Not birds entirely

In contrast with things that sing

The mind and the wind.

Art Prescription:  Sometimes the mind and the wind whip around without direction, a force not to be tamed, but acknowledged.

Abstract watercolor:

Misu no kokoro October 19, 2016

No wind, waves, ripples

Perfect reflection on pond

Mind like still water.

Art Prescription: Misu no kokoro translates in Japanese to “A mind like still water.” It refers to water taking on a mirror-like quality. 82 more words