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Evil Twins #3 - Incestuous Cross-Relationships - Scientology and The Unification Church

This post is sort of Evil-Twins light kind of thing (as compared to the two more comprehensive posts in this series so far). They are: 1,102 more words

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The "Religious Liberty League"? The Betrayal Of Thomas Jefferson and Democracy

behind the smiling faces


I think that it’s important to clue people in on just how much anti-democracy is built into the very fabric of Scientology. 3,845 more words

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Mark Rathbun Reveals Hidden Black Ops Faction Working OUTSIDE OF Scientology? - Video #9.

And he did it without having to say a word.

Faction – A political faction is a group of individuals with a common political purpose. 3,379 more words

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Mark Rathbun Changes Blog Domain, Critics See It As Proof He Rejoined Church - But Is It?

There was an interesting discussion buried in the comments of journalist Tony Ortega’s blog on June 9, 2017 concerning a new registration of Mark Rathbun’s blog as a… 2,338 more words

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