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911 Calls from 2000 When OSA Stalked Stacy, Bob Minton and Mike McClaughry

On February 4, 2000 in Clearwater, Florida (home of the Church of Scientology’s Advanced Auditing organization called “Flag”) a video was made documenting the harassment and hi-speed chase of a Church of Scientology “hired gun” who was harassing and tailing me, Mike McClaughry. 864 more words

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See Scientology (Guardian's Office) Staff Debbie Sharp Reveal Secret CIA Human Experimentation - MKUltra

The British Security Coordination was a WWII American-based but British intelligence firm headed by William Stephenson – formed with the goal to a: get America into the war and b: to get America to join the new form of the League of Nations – the United Nations. 3,165 more words

Historical Research