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Why Magic: The Gathering sucks ...

I play M:TG — and I’ve been playing since Revised. I play regularly play Standard, Modern, and dabble in draft when I’m bored, and I would play Legacy, but I don’t enjoy prostituting myself for cards. 991 more words


[WHY] The Player Types We Came to Know

Mark Rosewater is lead designer of Magic the Gathering, and one thing he contributed with was the player types Timmy, Johnny and Spike. These three, and some more were added later on, were in the designer’s head when developing cards. 320 more words


Is Hornet Queen Bad For Magic?

(Source: http://markrosewater.tumblr.com/post/104260883488/tales-from-the-pit-913)

“If you could make a list of 5 cards that will never return to standard besides the ones already on reserved list. What do you pick?” – venumuse, Tumblr user… 1,042 more words

Lewis Adams

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This is the first article I wrote for MTG Grinders. I was pretty happy with this considering I decided on the topic mere hours before sitting down to write it. (Originally published 16 December 2014)

An open letter to Mark Rosewater - Thanks for the good and the bad

Hi Mark.

This might seem like a weird thing to ask, but I’ve played this game since I was 9 years old, around the time Apocalypse came out. 1,393 more words

Fun with as-fan

As-fan is an internal term used by Magic: the Gathering designers to talk about the likelihood of a card of group of cards appearing in a pack. 368 more words

Game Design

Changes to Magic set structure

The three-set block structure has been a mainstay of Magic: the Gathering since the late 1990s. In an important article, Magic’s head designer Mark Rosewater lays out the… 438 more words

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