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Robert Longo b&w Ab Ex

Now that I’m back to painting in black and white, I’m thinking a lot about what kind of painting approaches are effective without colour. I don’t like the idea of making paintings that look like they could be better in colour, like black and white reproductions in old art books. 193 more words


I was asked to cover a class today in a room down a hallway tucked away where all the culinary and art folk can have their space. 139 more words


Dark Palette 

Paintings by Mark Rothko on view at Pace Gallery New York

Abstract Expressionism

This is my 3rd painting assignment. The movement this past week was Abstract Expressionism (hence the title). It’s a mix between Jackson Pollock’s ‘Number 14’ and Mark Rothko’s ‘No.5/No.22’.


#49: Ms. Ellen Knee writes on Matisse/Diebenkorn; Rothko; Copperwhite; Imperfect Reverse.

On Art News Phyllis Tuchman reviews The Matisse/Diebenkorn show in Baltimore:


Striking Up a Conversation: The Baltimore Museum of Art Unites Matisse and Diebenkorn in a Glorious Exhibition. 1,077 more words

Henri Matisse