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Make Me a Mondrian: Corrupted at Last

Picture corrupted.

23,229 times over.

It’s not always easy to identify the dog that did not bark–or, in this case, which digital pictures among a cast of tens of thousands have disappeared and cannot be put together again. 455 more words

Love And Loss

Minimalism and Meaning: Lessons from the Art Gallery

Patrick Dougherty, Shindig, 2015

Janet Echelman, 1.8, 2015

by Nathan Cornelius

This week, I took advantage of a free afternoon in Washington to visit a couple of museums for the first time, and I felt several of the artworks spoke to my own process and philosophy as a composer of music. 911 more words


The spring art auctions: money amok

It’s the time of the season when we turn our beer-soaked attentions towards the modern art world and gaze, in dumbfounded disbelief, at what hedge fund princes, Russian oligarchs and Sheiks of Araby spend on what they are… 1,032 more words


“Red” – A Look at Perception

By Karen Isaacs

 Red by is supposedly a play about Art with a capital A and about how the artist works.  But it really is much more about perception and vision:  What do we see?  727 more words


Sugimoto's Seascapes

Early morning, dawn. Cold clear.

Castle Point, Falmouth, purpose built for easterly seawards observation and the perfect location to record pre-dawn and sunrise. The simplest of pictorial forms: the sky, the sea, separated by the horizon line. 286 more words



In our culture we talk about freedom as our highest good.
The freedom to make your own choices.
The freedom to do what you want. 474 more words


Is the Art World in for a Spring Sales Slump?

“I’ve been working my ass off just for you to make that profit!” artist Robert Rauschenberg shouted at a 1973 sale at Sotheby’s to one of his collectors who had just sold the artist’s painting Thaw for which he had originally paid $900, for $85,000. 972 more words