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Green Field

Titled ‘Green Field’ acrylic glazes, 21″ x 27″ color field painting by Victoria Kloch

Victoria Kloch

Theory reading-group session

This morning, I took down my paintings, and had them rolled up. Afterwards, I went to the library with Kate to continue my theory reading on Postmodernism. 313 more words

Fine Art

Week 5: Color Contemplation

Helen Frankenthaler

Mark Rothko

This week we are focusing on color as the subject of your work.  This means we are getting abstract with the Color Field movement, and getting inspiration from artists Mark Rothko and Helen Frankenthaler.  152 more words

Wet Paint St. Paul

Rothko Forgery

Everybody has that feeling when they look at a work of art and it’s right, that sudden familiarity, a sort of…recognition, as though they were creating it themselves, as though it were being created through them while they look at it or listen to it…

The Recognitions, William Gaddis


Critique preperation

No lessons today, But we did have to clean up the studio and get it ready for critique this week. I had to sweep, throw things away and take some of the extra chairs to one of the art studios upstairs. 417 more words

Fine Art

John Robson: Modern art is garbage, and here's more proof

Perhaps I don’t know much about art. But I know what I hate. It’s that modern stuff. Of course I thus qualify as a grade-A redneck uncultured know-nothing. 850 more words

Full Comment

One of the Men Who Inspire Me Vol 3

This is one of my favorite poems by Gerard Malanga (1943-) who was better known as having worked for and with Andy Warhol (1928-1987) during the peak of Andy Warhol’s career in the early 1960’s. 154 more words