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Super Tuesday underway

The strange ritual known as the primary season is underway in the United States. Today is known as Super Tuesday and includes more than a dozen elections making it the largest voting day. 56 more words


Let’s Make America Great Again

Listen here.

Let’s make America great again

Let’s make insolence a virtue too.

Whoever shouts the loudest

Is the one who’s brave and true.

Let’s champion the iconoclast… 228 more words

Democracy, The Sitcom

I don’t watch much television. It’s not that I don’t like it; I do, everyone does. It’s that I know what it is and because I do, I’ve learned to avert my eyes. 571 more words

American Presidential Race, 2016

To anyone watching the presidential race in America this year, 2016, will see a “diverse” crowd of people. Hillary Clinton with her secret server, Bernie watering his money tree, Trump with his titans of business, Cruz coming on his big horse, and Rubio bringing his Canadian cold. 201 more words


Rand Paul and the Media

I see articles about my favorite candidate , Rand Paul. He unfortunately dropped out of the 2016 presidential race. I hope that he’ll run again in the year 2020 and win. 315 more words

Bernie Sanders

The goal Democrat amnesty supporters is not to bring 11 million illegal immigrants humanely "out of the shadows," but to turn them into voters.


A Politico cover story perfectly encapsulates the bizarre, insular world of the D.C. political establishment. The article purports to take readers behind the scenes of the strategic machinations of the Sen. 904 more words