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August 26

SOME have too muche, yet still do crave;
I little have and seek no more.
They are but poore, though muche they have,
And I am ryche with lyttle store: 218 more words


August 25

YEA Thou forgivest, but with all forgiving
Canst not renew mine innocence again:
Make Thou, O Christ, a dying of my living,
Purge from the sin but never from the pain. 110 more words

James Martineau

July 4

WHO read a chapter when they rise
Shall ne’er be troubled with ill eyes. . . .
Who goes to bed and doth not pray… 178 more words


June 19

GOD bends from out the deep and says,
“I gave thee the great gift of life;
Wast thou not called in many ways?
Are not My earth and heaven at strife? 184 more words


June 6

TOWER, and dome, and bridge-way proud,
Are mantled with a golden cloud,
And to wise hearts this certain hope is given:
“No mist that man may raise shall hide the eye of… 105 more words