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Dutch political parties have backed themselves into a corner.

AP The Party for Freedom that came second in the MMP type election in the Netherlands led by Geert Wilders is ready and willing to form a coalition government.

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Who will govern the Netherlands?

It is more than two months since Mark Rutte‘s VVD (Party for Freedom and Democracy) ‘won’ the Dutch election.  However, coalition formation has been far from easy. 596 more words

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Terrye Newkirk: "the people making decisions about Europe’s future"

“Macron, the newly elected French president, has no children.
German chancellor Angel Merkel has no children.
British prime minister Theresa May has no children.
Italian prime minister Paolo Gentiloni has no children. 56 more words

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When the Dykes Held Firm: the Dutch withstand the onslaught of the Alt-Right Tidal Wave from the West...this time

There is a narrative about the last 12 months in western politics, whereby (without going into the realms of tinfoil-hatted conspiracy theories), BrExit and Trump’s election are part of a global phenomenon – a wave across the world, a rise of right wing politics. 1,678 more words

Dutch politicians, soldiers and citizens are holding hands as show of solidarity for attacked gay couple

The Dutch public peacefully marched hand in hand this past Wednesday in a remarkable show of solidarity for two gay men who were attacked as they walked home from a night out. 717 more words


The Dutch general elections of March 15 2017

Wikipedia (a portal and no source) gives an overview of the Dutch general elections of March 15 2017. For the interpretation of the vote, there is this paper: … 1,072 more words

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