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Up against the wall

Mark was one of the best elite amateur bike racers Southern California has ever seen. Today he has a particularly nasty form of leukemia.

I remember the state road race a few years back in Bakersfield. 1,502 more words


Said the Abbott to the ABC...

Said the Abbott to the ABC…

With the QandA-gate dragging on longer than “War and Peace”, and the entire cabinet being banned from appearing on said show, which most agree, will only increase (possibly double) the collective IQ of the panel, I thought it only fitting that it should get the “Said the Abbott… ”  treatment   :-D… 443 more words

By Truth Seeker

Getting the ABC On-Side - A Five-Point Makeover Plan

With the dust beginning to settle at the ABC head-honcho Mark Scott is anxious to reverse the dire situation by launching a bold new public-relations initiative (“before… 543 more words

Gillian Triggs

Why bother - he'll never get it

Dear Mr Scott.

I refer to the kerfuffle relating to the ABC’s decision to invite and pay the related travel expenses of Mr Zaky Mallah, to appear on Q&A recently. 607 more words

ABC: The ABC Is An Independent Public Broadcaster-Not A State Broadcaster & Vital For Democracy

Mark Scott the managing director of the ABC said last night at a function in Melbourne” the ABC is clearly Australia, it’s on the side of Australia.” Mr Scott also reminded his listeners of the function the ABC plays a vital role and is central to Australia’s democracy. 189 more words

Australian News

Hands off the ABC - Turnbull should resign his commission

#auspol The new McCarthyism is here led by Abbott and his cheerleaders like @australian @chriskkenny and fellow enemies of democracy.

— Greg Barns (@BarnsGreg) June 24, 2015…

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