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Catching Up On Cons: Supernatural Jacksonville 2017

I’m seriously behind on everything, including my con coverage for 2017. Between trying to finish up the new book (which I’m ridiculously excited about – have you pre-ordered your copy yet??? 4,465 more words


Stuck In The Middle (With You) – Supernatural 12.12 Gets Innovative

Say what you will about Supernatural, the show is not afraid to mess with form. Last week’s episode, written by Davy Perez and beautifully directed by fan favorite #SPNFamily member Richard Speight, Jr., brought a Tarantino-inspired aesthetic to a very Supernatural story. 3,803 more words

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Supernatural Rewatch Recap - Season 5 - Episode 20 - The Devil You Know

Supernatural – Season 5 – Episode 20

The Devil You Know

Plot Moments:

Sam and Dean go to investigate an outbreak of Swine Flu. Driving away from the town, Crowley shows up in the backseat of the Impala. 436 more words


Supernatural Character Dolls For Sale

It’s a new year, so about time to update the info about the Supernatural character dolls I’ve been making and selling.

My previous posts can be found… 409 more words


Alaina Huffman on Supernatural, Directing, Social Change – and Fangirling Nichelle Nichols!

I finally had the chance to catch up with Alaina Huffman (Supernatural, Stargate Universe and Smallville) at the Supernatural Burbank convention. Our paths have crossed many times, but we had never had a chance to sit down and chat until then – and what a fun conversation it was! 4,821 more words


Casting Canton on Doctor Who

We all remember the season 6 opener of Doctor Who, “The Impossible Astronaut.” An older version of the Doctor (who looks exactly the same as the younger version) invites Amy, Rory, and River to the American Southwest for a picnic only to get himself shot by “the impossible astronaut.” Then enter from the hills an old man calling himself Canton Everett Delaware III. 384 more words

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