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Happy Spring! Supernatural DCCon Friday and Saturday

The first half of con season in the US closes with DCCon in the midst of cherry blossoms and spring-like weather (closely followed by the season filming wrap). 2,439 more words


Supernatural S11:E19

The Chitters

It’s 1989 and two brothers, Matty and Jesse, are in the woods going fishing and planning to run away to get Jesse, who’s gay, out of their small town when they get attacked by a strange creature. 369 more words


Seacon Sunday with Jared and Jensen

Richard and the band kicked off Sunday with Richard suggesting J2 as the sacrament we should feast on in the Church of Dick and nobody complaining about that idea. 1,496 more words

Jensen Ackles

Seacon 2016 – Friday and Saturday Highlights

Seacon started off appropriately – for an SPN con, that is. Richard came out in a shirt featuring a red cock – a rooster, people! Which set the stage for lots of talk about worshipping at the #HolyChurchOfDick. 2,322 more words


So An Angel, The Devil and The King Of Hell Walk Into Jimmy Novak…

If you recall, I barely survived last week’s Supernatural episode. And I absolutely LOVED it. I didn’t expect to be floored two weeks in a row (and possibly might not have survived…) but Hell’s Angel moved the story along quite a bit. 2,304 more words


Supernatural S11:E18 Recap

Hell’s Angel

Crowley is in Saudi Arabia getting the Horn of Joshua from an archaeologist in exchange for tearing up his contract. Crowley kills the entire expedition, right after he honors his agreement and gets his hands on the horn, then proceeds to call Dean because that’s how Crowley rolls. 556 more words