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Alaina Huffman on Supernatural, Directing, Social Change – and Fangirling Nichelle Nichols!

I finally had the chance to catch up with Alaina Huffman (Supernatural, Stargate Universe and Smallville) at the Supernatural Burbank convention. Our paths have crossed many times, but we had never had a chance to sit down and chat until then – and what a fun conversation it was! 4,821 more words


Casting Canton on Doctor Who

We all remember the season 6 opener of Doctor Who, “The Impossible Astronaut.” An older version of the Doctor (who looks exactly the same as the younger version) invites Amy, Rory, and River to the American Southwest for a picnic only to get himself shot by “the impossible astronaut.” Then enter from the hills an old man calling himself Canton Everett Delaware III. 384 more words

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Mark Sheppard: People You Should Know

I first saw Mark Sheppard in Firefly as the petty criminal Badger, who was originally going to be played by Joss Whedon himself. Since then, I have both sought out more of his roles–which often led to fast-forwarding through nearly unwatchable SyFy Channel Original Movies like… 320 more words

Jaime Pond

Why Supernatural is Still on the Air (a.k.a. that time the cast of SPN made me regress to the middle school version of myself)

I’ve been threatening to start a blog for the past year. So, like any pretentious, pseudo intellectual, douchebag: organizing my thoughts and ideas in a way that is appealing was a little difficult. 2,855 more words

Cast Of Supernatural


This was my first con going without a full weekend pass.  I decided that I’d wait till closer to the convention to get tickets, but turns out it sold out extremely quickly. 161 more words

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Supernatural “LOTUS” – The Good, the Not, the Hmm and the Mmm

The mid-season finale of Supernatural won’t go down in history as one of my favorites, much to my disappointment. I didn’t hate it – it kept my interest throughout, so there’s that. 2,058 more words


Winchesters in Leather! Supernatural's 'Rock Never Dies'

This is a drive-by review, written from the family vacation last week, where I couldn’t actually watch Supernatural as it aired.   Of course, I couldn’t entirely stay off twitter either, so I knew that a) I was probably going to enjoy the episode and b) Sam and Dean are wearing leather.  2,050 more words