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Winchesters in Leather! Supernatural's 'Rock Never Dies'

This is a drive-by review, written from the family vacation last week, where I couldn’t actually watch Supernatural as it aired.   Of course, I couldn’t entirely stay off twitter either, so I knew that a) I was probably going to enjoy the episode and b) Sam and Dean are wearing leather.  2,050 more words


Hometown Supernatural Con – Burbank Friday and Saturday 2016

Returning to Burbank for what is, for now at least, the last Supernatural con that Creation has planned there, was both festive and emotional. Many of the actors live there, so that means their families can come see what they do for a dozen or more weekends out of the year, and even actors who aren’t making paid appearances sometimes show up to join in the fun. 2,517 more words


Supernatural Comes to the East Coast at NJCon – Friday and Saturday 2016

I guess you can tell that things have been busy around here – between family and holiday stuff and finishing up the new book, I didn’t manage to find time to write up my NJCon adventures until now. 3,233 more words


British/Irish Actors Playing Americans

Everybody else has done this post, so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon. I’m going to start by not talking about David Tennant’s American accent in the… 871 more words


British Characters in Nerdy American Television Shows

Sometimes there’s nothing playing on BBC America buy Top Gear. Your internet connection’s down or you haven’t paid your Hulu subscription this month. Your Netflix DVD hasn’t come yet. 270 more words


That’s My Show! Supernatural Gets Back to Basics with ‘The Foundry’

While waiting for someone to get me off the internet (thanks to Jared and Jensen being unspeakably adorable and gorgeous at the EWPopFest this afternoon), I thought I might as well get something done and post my review of 12.03 here. 3,801 more words

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