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Ruth Connell On Playing A Strong Female Character (and Having a Blast) on Supernatural

One of the highlights of my week (in addition to the momentous court decision and the rainbow of celebration that all my social media feeds became) was chatting with Ruth Connell, Supernatural’s enigmatic witch Rowena. 5,853 more words


Supernatural - An Overview Part 2: The Villains

Welcome back to the conclusion of my two-part review on Supernatural. Last time I dealt with the heroes, including an overview of the stars of the show – Sam and Dean Winchester. 1,289 more words

TV Shows

Supernatural Season 10

Aired: 2014 – 2015

Certificate: 15

Creator: Eric Kripke

Starring: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard

Episode list:

Black; Reichenbach; Soul Survivor; Paper Moon; Fan Fiction; Ask Jeeves; Girls, Girls, Girls; Hibbing 911; The Things We Leave Behind; The Hunter Games; There’s No Place Like Home; About a Boy; Halt & Catch Fire; The Executioner’s Song; The Things They Carried; Paint it Black; Inside Man; Book of the Damned; The Werther Project; Angel Heart; Dark Dynasty; The Prisoner; Brother’s Keeper… 557 more words

TV Show

Reichenbach - Supernatural

SUPERNATURAL – Wednesday, June 3th at 9 p.m. on CW50 – CROWLEY TELLS DEAN THE MARK NEEDS TO BE FED — Crowley (Mark Sheppard) notices Dean (Jensen Ackles) is becoming more and more aggressive.  114 more words


Black - Supernatural

SUPERNATURAL – Wednesday, May 27th at 9pm on CW50 – DEAN IS LIVING IT UP AS A DEMON WHILE SAM HITS ROCK BOTTOM IN THE SEARCH FOR HIS BROTHER — Now a demon, Dean (Jensen Ackles) is running amuck with Crowley (Mark Sheppard) while Sam (Jared Padalecki) tries to figure out what happened to his brother. 21 more words


Holy Crap, Show! Supernatural Brother’s Keeper

I often refer to Supernatural as a rollercoaster, but this week’s season finale episode felt more like being caught in a tsunami and tossed around until I didn’t know up from down and my heart was pounding so hard I thought I might pass out. 3,421 more words


Supernatural The Prisoner Review

This show! My heart can’t take it!

There was much yelling and screaming and whimpering in terror watching this penultimate episode of Supernatural. With Charlie’s death confirmed in flames, there’s no denying anymore what happened, the terrible mistakes made and Dean’s anger at his brother seems justified. 1,520 more words