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Mark Shuttleworth - A South African in Space

This goes back quite a few years now. Back to 2002, when Mark Shuttleworth become the first south African in space and at the same time the world’s second “space tourist”. 150 more words

Looking out over the horizon

The last couple of weeks have been filled with resume-sending, waiting by the phone for the resumes to do their trick, and a trip to Arizona for a plethora of family reasons (wife went to do some New Age thing in Sedona while daughter visited friends in Phoenix — heck, I even got a phone interview with a tech company there). 1,136 more words


But wait . . .

To be honest, I’m not really obsessed with this topic; at least I’m not paying as much attention to Ubuntu/Canonical’s replacing Jono Bacon as people think I am. 424 more words


Will Canonical name a new Pope?

Bryan Lunduke, who can best be described as one of Linux/FOSS’s top raconteurs (though others have described him to me otherwise, unfairly I would say), wrote what can be described… 1,135 more words


Yes, I did that

No, I have not lost my mind (assuming I had one in the first place). No, I have neither had a change of heart nor have I turned my coat traitorously in doing what I’m about to tell you. 978 more words